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The Modern Olympics

1964 -- Tokyo, Japan
5,140 athletes, 93 nations

The Tokyo Games were known as the "friendly games" despite the fact that the IOC barred Indonesia from the Games because the country did not allow athletes from Israel and Taiwan to participate in the Asian Games held in Indonesia in 1962.

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Indonesia decided to hold its own event in 1963 and called it the GANEFO (Games of the Emerging Forces). The IOC warned that no athlete taking part in GANEFO would be allowed to compete in Tokyo. Indonesian and North Korean teams who had attended GANEFO went to Japan anyway, hoping that the IOC would change its mind. Unfortunately for the athletes, it did not.

The Games were also the most modern to date. A new satellite network for global communication brought the popularity of the Olympics to a new level. They were the first computerized games; all of the scoring and timekeeping was done electronically.

Canadian Highlights: Rowers Roger Jackson and George Hungerford (above) won gold medals in the men's coxless pair event. They were considered long shots and received little attention from Canadian media before their win. Two silver medals were picked up. Bill Crothers placed second in the 800m run and Doug Rogers picked up a silver in judo.

Medal Count: Gold 1, Silver 2, Bronze 1

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