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The Modern Olympics

1984 -- Los Angeles, The United States
7,078 athletes, 140 nations

The Soviet Union decided not to attend the Los Angeles Games to retaliate for the 1980 boycott and because they said their athletes would be in danger because of anti-Soviet sentiments in the U.S.

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Bulgaria, East Germany, Vietnam, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, Laos and Afghanistan decided not to attend soon after The Soviet Union announced they would not be present. Later Cuba, Ethiopia, North Korea, Hungary, Poland and South Yemen backed out.

However, despite the boycott a record number of countries attended the Games. The Olympics were very successful and they made a $230 million profit for American athletic training and support. Great athletic performers at the Games included Carl Lewis who won four gold medals in track and field.

Canadian Highlights: Canada won more medals than in any other Games before. Gold medals were won by pistol shooter Linda Thom, swimmers Alex Baumann, Victor Davis and Anne Ottenbrite, diver Sylvie Bernier, rhythmic gymnast Lori Fung, canoeist Larry Cain, and kayak pair Hugh Fraser and Alwyn Morris

Medal Count: Gold 10, Silver 18, Bronze 16

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