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The Modern Olympics

1988 -- Seoul, South Korea
8,465 athletes, 159 nations

The 1988 Olympics were the first Games in 16 years not to witness a boycott. But there were several concerns brewing before the Games. North Korea was still at war with South Korea even though a truce had been reached 35 years ago.

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North Korea unsuccessfully demanded that it co-host the Games with South Korea and two fatal bombings were linked to North Korean efforts to stop the Games. The Japanese Red Army, which has been responsible for terrorism, was also threatening to disrupt the Games and South Korean university students were rioting in the streets.

The commercial benefits for athletes who won an Olympic gold were growing and the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes was an increasing concern. The IOC Medical Committee said they were confident that any drug users would be caught. That statement foreshadowed the events that led to Canada's most embarrassing Olympic Games. Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal and world record when he tested positive for anabolic steroids. Nine other athletes tested positive for drugs at the Games.

Canadian Highlights: Canada's Ben Johnson won the 100m sprint 9.79 seconds and set a new world record. He was then stripped of his record and medal when he tested positive for steroid use. Carolyn Waldo won gold in the solo synchronized swimming event and Lennox Lewis won a gold in the super-heavyweight class in boxing.

Medal Count: Gold 3, Silver 2, Bronze 5

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