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PROFILE: Joanne Malar
Malar, Limpert a contrast in styles
 SYDNEY - At the world class level, the difference between one colour of a medal and another, or even winning or not winning a medal, can be measured in the smallest ways.
 Guts? Wanting it more than the next person? Extra time in the weight room? How about a visit to a manicurist?
 "Maybe some press-on nails would have made the difference," said a teary-eyed Marianne Limpert after her frantic finish in the women's 200m individual medley came up a nail short of a bronze medal. "Right now, fourth place feels like last."
Joanne Malar in the news
Malar finishes seventh in 400 IM
Happier Malar ready for Sydney
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Malar pooling her emotions
The thrill isn't gone for Malar
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7th in Sydney
Kisses for her fans
Reacting to her time
Thumbs up, new uniform
With Mike
Celebrating a win
Bronze 4x200m team
Blowing a kiss
Backstroke practice