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PROFILE: Steve Nash
Nash's roots extend to pub
By MIKE ULMER -- Toronto Sun

  SYDNEY -- It was 1971 and John Nash saw her in a hotel bar.
 "She was wearing hot pants," he said, the memory of it as pleasing now as the sight was then.
 "Jean was beautiful, still is. Inside and out, a beautiful person."

A new Nash-ional hero
By CRAIG DANIELS -- Toronto Sun

  SYDNEY -- What Steve Nash has done is apply defibrillator paddles to the sport of basketball in Canada.
 If the patient does not come to life, it never had a pulse to begin with.

Nash a sore winner
By CRAIG DANIELS -- Toronto Sun

  SYDNEY -- Steve Nash is hurt -- again.
 Nash, Canada's point guard and inspiration leader who choreographed his team's improbable win over Yugoslavia, bruised his left knee on the second possession of the second half early yesterday morning.
 The Victoria native fell to the floor on his back, holding his left knee.

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