SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016

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Oct. 1: Games come to a close
Oct. 1: Fab Finish, So Australian
Oct. 1: Glory and spectacle, grace and disgrace
Oct. 1: Athletes and officials consumed 1.2 million meals
Oct. 1: Simon's our man
Oct. 1: Whitfield grins and bears flag
Oct. 1: Whitfield chosen Canada's flag-bearer
Oct. 1: Rich cheats more likely to avoid detection
Oct. 1: IAAF says 10 U.S. positives still under wraps
Oct. 1: Johnnie Cochran, Olympian?
Oct. 1: Olympic officials to review flag-switching rule
Oct. 1: China's Games crowned with success
Oct. 1: Canada heads into final day of competition
Oct. 1: Cherry: Canadian athletes need more help
Oct. 1: Three athletes fail drug test
Oct. 1: 'The Drug Games'
Oct. 1: Former official alleges drug cover-ups
Oct. 1: Remote Control
Oct. 1: Two caught climbing fence into athlete's village
Sept. 30: Concerns remain over Athens
Sept. 30: Memories that linger from Games
Sept. 30: Gardner to carry flag for U.S.
Sept. 30: Remote Control TV
Sept. 30: Threscher: athletes don't understand system
Sept. 30: Police say no credible threats to Olympics
Sept. 30: Sydney Games: Greatest or Grandest?
Sept. 30: Bubka elected to IOC executive board
Sept. 30:Castro greets Cuba's returning athletes
Sept. 30:Beijing oozes charm for 2008 Olympics
Sept. 30: China roaring, but not superpower
Sept. 30: Australia: more than kangaroos and boomerangs
Sept. 29: Closing with a bang
Sept. 29: Sports forums soaring as medal count dives
Sept. 29: Remote Control TV
Sept. 29: Canadian flag lowered in athletes' village
Sept. 29: IOC chief praises Sydney Games
Sept. 29: Taxi driver returns missing medal
Sept. 29: Stimulants need not lead to penalties
Sept. 29: Sydney police to offer advice to Athens
Sept. 29: Olympic village runs relatively smooth
Sept. 28: Pro athletes are ruining the Games
Sept. 28: Canada's party favours Toronto
Sept. 28: Remote Control TV
Sept. 28: Minister: Freeman won't change reconciliation
Sept. 28: Closing fireworks to be biggest in Australia
Sept. 28: New Olympic sports boon to Canada's medal haul
Sept. 28: U.S. to set up watchdog for drug testing
Sept. 28: Summary of drug cases
Sept. 27: What goes 'round, comes 'round for USA
Sept. 27: Drug backlash whips U.S. athletes
Sept. 27: NBC's Olympics ratings hit new low
Sept. 27: Search is on for owner of 1928 silver medal
Sept. 27: China trumpets drug-free games
Sept. 27: Salt Lake promises smaller, but spectacular games
Sept. 27: Whitfield -- golden boy feeling very lonely
Sept. 27: It's about treatin' the media right
Sept. 27: Sorting out new Olympic drug rules
Sept. 27: McCaffrey encouraged by doping crackdown
Sept. 27: Condom supplier shipping extra supplies
Sept. 26: Scientists seek athletic improvement
Sept. 26: PM shuns Olympic fund complaints
Sept. 26: Don't judge Canadians by lack of medals
Sept. 26: When bad things happen to good Olympics
Sept. 26: Remote Control TV
Sept. 26: Ugandan granted bail on sex assault charge
Sept. 25: Yanks need a clampdown
Sept. 25: IOC official accuses U.S. of '88 cover-up
Sept. 25: Everybody's on drugs... so everybody else says
Sept. 25: Ebersol: Only the truly ill are featured
Sept. 25: Scribes go to the wall, and over
Sept. 25: Ugandan Olympian extradited to Sydney after arrest
Sept. 25: Uzbek coach fined for trying to smuggle drugs
Sept. 25: Remote Control
Sept. 25: Athletes flock to Internet cafe at Olympic village
Sept. 25: Rain dampens some athletes' spirits
Sept. 25: Second Saturday beats first
Sept. 24: Olympic boss criticized as difficult to work with
Sept. 24: Aborigines still hoping, waiting
Sept. 24: Official says gay athletes hide sexuality
Sept. 24: Next up: Sydney 2002 Gay Games
Sept. 24: Ugandan swimmer in court Monday
Sept. 24: Remote Control
Sept. 23: Compensation for Munich Olympics attack
Sept. 23: Canadians follow the herd to Sydney bar
Sept. 23: Too many sports, not enough money
Sept. 23: Griping rights tied to support for athletes
Sept. 23: Transport system on edge, official admits
Sept. 23: Delegation of moths swarms Olympic Park
Sept. 23: Athlete arrested on sexual assault charge
Sept. 23: Olympic effort to remove trash downtown
Sept. 23: Aborigines still hoping, waiting at Olympics
Sept. 23: Police recover loot after canoe team robbed
Sept. 23: Poll: More fans of Olympics than any other sport
Sept. 22: Ethics centre welcomes investigation
Sept. 22: Remote Control
Sept. 22: Hall and Ervin share swimming gold
Sept. 22: Medals just icing
Sept. 22: Police issue warrant to arrest Olympian
Sept. 22: Man appears in court on kidnapping charges
Sept. 22: More doping headaches plague Sydney Olympics
Sept. 22: Crowds flock to Olympic site
Sept. 22: NBC viewers can't believe in miracles
Sept. 22: NBC's ratings take step back
Sept. 21: Violators caught
Sept. 21: Medal drought not really any mystery
Sept. 21: Lenny gets second gold medal
Sept. 21: MacLean not a bush league host
Sept. 21: Samaranch back as boss
Sept. 21: IOC investigating ticket scalping allegations
Sept. 21: Organizers expect record crowds Friday
Sept. 21: Ethics group criticizes IOC's reform efforts
Sept. 21: Olympic bus crashes into family home
Sept. 21: Olympics' impact will extend far beyond games
Sept. 21: Bonnie Blair: Give us Olympics coverage
Sept. 21: NBC adding ads to account for lower ratings
Sept. 21: Cleaning services suspended after syringe injuries
Sept. 20: Advertisers shrug off ratings shortfall
Sept. 20: Shoplifters target main souvenir store
Sept. 20: Sydney tries to earn 'best ever' declaration
Sept. 20: Remote Control
Sept. 20: Two more athletes tossed from Olympics
Sept. 20: Olympics brace for drug test results
Sept. 20: Samaranch returns to Games
Sept. 20: Trial of IOC member, Suharto crony starts
Sept. 20: Olympics crowds flock harborside
Sept. 20: Metalworker paints initials in Olympic cauldron
Sept. 19: NBC's Olympic ratings lag for 4th night
Sept. 19: Escaped convicts seize courtesy vehicle
Sept. 19: Thorpe's finale is unforgettable
Sept. 19: Carter gives support to Toronto Olympic bid
Sept. 19: Rule of thumb: Whatever it is, don't pet it
Sept. 19: City students get in on Olympic action
Sept. 19: Remote Control
Sept. 19: Freeman: selection was honor for aboriginals
Sept. 19: Uzbek official will fight charge
Sept. 18: NBC axes Nike's Olympic horror movie ad
Sept. 18: Olympic ratings tumbling so far for NBC
Sept. 18: Hundreds attend funeral for Samaranch's wife
Sept. 18: Krayzelburg is golden
Sept. 18: Australian athletes turned back due to pass problem
Sept. 18: The Big Squirm
Sept. 18: Remote Control
Sept. 18: Olympics junkies in U.S. hit Canadian TV
Sept. 18: All-tape broadcasts sending Americans to Web, CBC
Sept. 18: American numbers down from Seoul, Atlanta
Sept. 18: Authorities threaten to confiscate tickets
Sept. 18: Exactly what is Australia?
Sept. 18: Athlete who stepped aside for friend tells tale
Sept. 18: Australian athlete turned back due to pass problem
Sept. 18: Minor traffic incidents delay events
Sept. 18: Committee voices concern over betting
Sept. 18: Nepalese official injured in car-bus collision
Sept. 18: Ticket sales set Olympic record
Sept. 18: Second death linked to cruise ship illness
Sept. 17: An image problem
Sept. 17: IOC old guard slow to change
Sept. 17: Romanian weightlifters, Iranian boxer kicked out
Sept. 17: Remote Control
Sept. 17: Fire controlled near Olympics regatta site
Sept. 17: Dummy grenades found in airport mail room
Sept. 17: Let's go to the videotape
Sept. 17: North Korea broadcasts historic joint march
Sept. 17: More Sydney buses put on Olympic duty around Sydney
Sept. 16: Samaranch's wife dies
Sept. 16: Pound takes charge
Sept. 16: Swimmers celebrated on almost-instant stamp
Sept. 16: Even ancient Greece knew traffic jams
Sept. 16: Record day at pool
Sept. 16: Organizers warn public of ticket scalpers
Sept. 16: The feeding frenzy
Sept. 16: Drug testers too pushy for Canucks
Sept. 16: Day of pain and disappointment
Sept. 16: U.S. pledges $3.3 M for anti-doping program
Sept. 16: Koreans bask in euphoria of march
Sept. 16: U.S. visitors get more for their money
Sept. 16: Authorities close down entertainment venue
Sept. 16: From the athletes' point of view
Sept. 16: Australians have made it their Games
Sept. 16: A journey completed
Sept. 16: Totally Aus-some opener
Sept. 16: Koreas prove anything is possible
Sept. 16: Remote Control
Sept. 16: These Aussies sure can party
Sept. 16: Samaranch leaves Sydney to see wife

 Sport by Sport
Purdy's golden moment
IOC strips gold medal
Nestor's golden win hits home
Harrison starts in Britain
Bulgarian coach resigns
Student suspended for e-mail threats
Bridesmaid Brunet
Brit wins women's modern pentathlon
Simon's our man
Dream Team hangs on for another gold
Hungary destroys Russia in title game
Barsukova wins rhythmic gold in an upset
Wind dashes Millar's medal hopes
Yugoslavia beats Russia for gold
Despatie arrives early
Netherlands retains Olympic title
Bosshart wins bronze in taekwondo
Ironic performance wins bronze
Clarke retires after finishing 17th