SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016

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Sept. 15: Simply spectacular
Sept. 15: Sydney schoolgirl gets maximum exposure
Sept. 15: Song ubiquitous in Olympic ceremonies
Sept. 15: Show of brotherhood, flaming cauldron
Sept. 15: Games open with lavish ceremony
Sept. 15: G'day from Australia
Sept. 15: Korean athletes march together
Sept. 15: Sound the starter's gun!
Sept. 15: Anti-drug pledge inluded in athletes' oath
Sept. 15: 20 suspected positive tests since April
Sept. 15: Drugs, as always, an issue as Olympics begin
Sept. 15: Atlantis crew beams greeting to Olympics
Sept. 15: Olympic poet watches opening from the outside
Sept. 15: Advertisers go for gold
Sept. 15: Remote Control
Sept. 15: Canadian TV has Olympics live
Sept. 15: Norman carries hazard. Can Sydney do same?
Sept. 15: Hundreds march to highlight Aborigines plight
Sept. 15: Crisis teams ready for action
Sept. 15: Olympics survive despite themselves
Sept. 15: Jubilant Sydney celebrates opening of Games
Sept. 15: Sydney's ready
Sept. 14: Quebec protests lack of French
Sept. 14: Science journal critical of drug testing
Sept. 14: Princess Anne says Olympics never will be drug-free
Sept. 14: Sydney vows no 'Atlanta experience'
Sept. 14: Don't hold your breath
Sept. 14: Steadward joins the IOC
Sept. 14: Flag-bearer worthy of salute
Sept. 14: Traveling troublesome around in Sydney
Sept. 14: Only 50 computers for 10,000 athletes
Sept. 14: Samaranch: 'Sydney is Ready'
Sept. 14: Olympic Village an instant community
Sept. 14: Chelsea Clinton arrives in Sydney
Sept. 14: U.S. canoe-kayaker to carry flag
Sept. 13: Dope tests send three out
Sept. 13: Literacy's link to Olympic medals
Sept. 13: Sydney given bronze for environment
Sept. 13: Olympic balance between sponsorship, restraint
Sept. 13: U.S. athletes, officials will march together
Sept. 13: White House drug chief congratulates China for anti-doping action
Sept. 13: NBC chief defends Qantas shots in opening of telecast
Sept. 13: Germany's Bach elected to IOC vice presidency
Sept. 13: Olympic comings and goings as opening day nears
Sept. 13: Crowds mass around Olympic torch in Sydney
Sept. 13: Fair dinkum mate, the Olympics'll be right
Sept. 13: Ali says he'll have no role in Sydney Games opener
Sept. 13: A record of sorts for London chiropractor
Sept. 13: Korean athletes come together Down Under
Sept. 13: Olympic bus drivers quit
Sept. 13: Fumes leak in airport departure terminal
Sept. 12: Canadian athletes tested extensively
Sept. 12: Nearly all of Chinese athletes failed drug tests
Sept. 12: Canadian team raises its flag
Sept. 12: Canada says no
Sept. 12: Leonowicz dies of heart attack
Sept. 11: Are Drugs Winning The Games?
Sept. 11: For Aussies, there's no place like home
Sept. 11: Looking down on the Olympic city
Sept. 11: Kookaboora apt emblem for Olympics
Sept. 11: IOC defends test for performance-enhancing EPO
Sept. 11: More transport problems arise
Sept. 11: IOC vows action on Olympic gambling
Sept. 11: Manager of U.S. marching band injured in crash
Sept. 11: Seven candidates for two spots on IOC board
Sept. 11: Olympic Notebook
Sept. 10: Olympian returns original five-ring flag
Sept. 10: Bus drivers reportedly upset with conditions
Sept. 10: Koreas to march into Olympics together
Sept. 10: South Koreans welcome news of joint Olympic march
Sept. 10: Torch survives hijack attempt
Sept. 10: Real lawns, real houses, real village
Sept. 9: Former Olympian, 103, to return flag in Sydney
Sept. 9: IOC president left waiting for a ride
Sept. 9: Lighten up! It's the Hemp Olympics
Sept. 9: Sydney sets TSN's pace
Sept. 8: Drug tests lead to bans
Sept. 8: Study criticizes Olympic committee
Sept. 8: Utah officials headed to Sydney
Sept. 8: Nigerian athlete remembered at ceremony
Sept. 8: IOC criticized for delay on hormone test
Sept. 8: Two officials stopped from entering Australia
Sept. 8: Reputed organized crime figure barred
Sept. 8: Sharks in the harbor? No worries, mate
Sept. 8: Pilots warned over bogus radio transmissions
Sept. 7: Results awaited on alleged HGH found in official's bag
Sept. 7: Customs: HGH seized from Uzbekistan official
Sept. 7: Athletes feel far away from controversy at home
Sept. 7: World agency confirms 10 positive tests
Sept. 7: Weather looking up in pre-Olympic Sydney
Sept. 7: NBC: record $900 million in commercial time

Sept. 7: New sports will help boost Canadian medals
Sept. 7: Nigerian athlete killed in auto accident
Sept. 7: Summer Games? Sydney feels more like winter
Sept. 7: Korean officials say joint march still possible
Sept. 7: Officials announce fix for Olympic transport system
Sept. 6: Coach Ma and six women runners dropped
Sept. 6: African relay team pays way to Australia
Sept. 6: For Asian Olympians, things are looking up Down Under
Sept. 6: Olympic torchbearer burned slightly
Sept. 6: Kissinger set for honorary IOC post
Sept. 6: Samaranch: plans for joint march of Korean athletes appear dead
Sept. 5: Wind knocks out train service at station
Sept. 5: Samaranch, Mandela give Olympic Village thumbs up
Sept. 5: Olympic village population up to 10,960
Sept. 4: Officials fear train overload
Sept. 4: Samaranch arrives Down Under
Sept. 4: Knight hits the road
Sept. 3: Mandela hopes for reconciliation
Sept. 3: Aborigines granted permission to protest
Sept. 2: Rail system, ticket budget concerns organizers
Sept. 2: Village opened by old Olympian
Sept. 2: Stadium pylon honours Israelis killed in 1972
Sept. 2: Where's the kangaroo mascot ?
Sept. 1: Not everyone's getting into Olympic spirit
Aug. 31: Canada's greatest success was in last decade
Aug. 31: Annan says U.N., Olympics share same ideals
Aug. 31: Bradley turns down job as USOC chairman
Aug. 31: IOC under criticism from former runner
Aug. 31: Doping agency warns: Don't use drugs in Sydney
Aug. 31: Laos sends more officials than athletes
Aug. 31: Two fatalities before Games begin
Aug. 31: Campers spend night for tickets
Aug. 30: Courts ready for Olympic sprint
Aug. 30: Olympic security net ready to drop
Aug. 30: Spain invites barred Cubans as guests
Aug. 29: Australians angered by food prices
Aug. 29: Crackdown promised on athletes avoiding doping obligations
Aug. 29: Nikos Kaklamanakis to carry Greek flag
Aug. 28: Light plane crashes near Equestrian venue
Aug. 28: IOC approves EPO tests for Sydney
Aug. 28: Business as usual for bemused workers
Aug. 27: IOC legal panel backs EPO tests
Aug. 27: Why was possible nuclear plot kept secret?
Aug. 27: Staff at IOC hotel plan walkout
Aug. 26: Women command center stage at Summer Games
Aug. 26: New resolve against drugs in Sydney
Aug. 25: Report: Police foil terrorist plot in Sydney
Aug. 25: Flu relief for Canadian Team
Aug. 25: About 2 million tickets left for sale
Aug. 25: Ticket delivery delayed in Australia
Aug. 25: Large fireworks show to mark end
Aug. 25: IOC withdraws invitation to Taliban
Aug. 25: Teen tries to steal torch
Aug. 24: Youth attempts to douse Olympic flame
Aug. 24: Hotel workers to stage walkout
Aug. 24: Free legal service for athletes Down Under
Aug. 24: Postal strike threatens ticket delivery
Aug. 23: CBC goes for blanket coverage
Aug. 23: Athletes won't be punished for carrying Aboriginal flag
Aug. 23: Knight scraps Super Tickets concept
Aug. 23: Drag queens invited to closing celebrations
Aug. 23: Japan trims Olympic presence
Aug. 23: East Timorese athletes named to compete at Games
Aug. 23: Government agrees to amend emergency power laws
Aug. 23: Even Belgians dress down for Sydney
Aug. 22: Flu outbreak strikes Sydney
Aug. 22: Unified team represents divided country
Aug. 22: Internet Olympics loom
Aug. 22: Forget medals, Cuba just wants athletes back
Aug. 22: Greenpeace steps up campaign
Aug. 21: Greeks feel snubbed by Sydney Olympic medals
Aug. 21: IOC rejects medal mix up claims
Aug. 21: Baggage system could be dumped
Aug. 21: Training is serious fun at Olympic coach's gym
Aug. 21: Two Afghan observers get invitation from IOC
Aug. 21: Minister: Drug seizures not Olympic-related
Aug. 20: Airport baggage system experiences glitches
Aug. 19: Pumped-up Games enter 4th millennium
Aug. 19: Tranquil city awaits world
Aug. 19: Officials says no specific threat to games
Aug. 18: Samaranch's swan song
Aug. 17: Association says Brunet was "first" choice
Aug. 17: Power outages should not be a problem
Aug. 17: Channel Seven loses one of its Olympic anchors
Aug. 17: Indigenous protest camp planned near site
Aug. 17: First gear, then shot at gold for U.S. Olympians
Aug. 16: Athletes who win medals will owe taxes
Aug. 16: Little medals detecting?
Aug. 16: Team Canada List
Aug. 15: Allergies could affect one-third of Olympians
Aug. 15: Sydney finally getting Olympic feel
Aug. 14: Greenpeace downgrades Sydney's rating
Aug. 14: COA to unveil flagbearer today
Aug. 14: Australians turn to Olympic betting
Aug. 14: All but three sports sign up
Aug. 14: Accident deflates plans for blimp in Sydney
Aug. 14: Olympic torch enters home state
Aug. 14: Council bids to scale-down Aboriginal tent embassy
Aug. 14: Avoiding Olympic flag flap
Aug. 14: Reports: North Korean leader declines to attend
Aug. 12: Organizers unveil new medals
Aug. 11: Aborigines plan Olympic protests
Aug. 11: Olympic organizers defend inflated food prices
Aug. 10: Prosecutors probe hopefuls dropped in doping cases
Aug. 10: Security officials begin search of venues
Aug. 10: Australian gold medallists to get own stamps
Aug. 10: Aboriginal leader fears violent protests
Aug. 9: Athletes' village unveiled
Aug. 9: United Arlines vows to be on time
Aug. 9: Sydney opener certain to have Oz flavour
Aug. 8: Greek race walker to miss Olympics
Aug. 8: Attorney claims to have more dirt on IOC
Aug. 7: Aborigines plan human chain near airport
Aug. 7: Man snatches Olympic flame
Aug. 7: Afghanistan tries to join Olympics
Aug. 5: Home deliveries of Olympic tickets
Aug. 5: Two million seats left for Sydney Games
Aug. 4: Samaranch invites Korean leaders to Sydney
Aug. 4: China claims success in fight against doping
Aug. 3: Torch lights up scene of Australia's darkest crime
Aug. 3: IOC predicts record viewing figures
Aug. 3: EU warns Australia over Olympic TV access
Aug. 2: Top marks for testing
Aug. 2: Hosts hailing tests as major breakthrough
Aug. 2: When a bunk in Sydney won't do
Aug. 1: IOC approves EPO tests for Sydney
Aug. 1: Kournikova, Duncan: some not going to Olympics
Aug. 1: Probe begins into Sydney Airport blackout
Aug. 1: Olympic transport: no worries, mate
Aug. 1: Princess is no team player at Olympics
July 31: Power fails again at Sydney Airport's control tower
July 31: Officials refuse to link EPO heist with Games
July 30: With La Nina gone, hope for dry Sydney Olympics
July 30: IOC to decide this week on test for banned drug
July 29: Henderson gets IOC post
July 28: Canadians among IOC member nominees
July 28: IOC endorses joint march by Korean athletes
July 28: Top Olympic organizer praises China
July 28: IOC to decide on new drug test
July 28: Researchers confident on EPO test
July 28: Russians aim for top of medal count
July 27: Deal close on joint march by two Koreas
July 27: Oldest Australian carries torch
July 27: Ukraine to send 234 athletes to Sydney
July 27: Renovated international terminal opens
July 26: Indifference in Sydney over Olympics
July 26: Olympics won't test for growth hormone
July 26: Sydney: transit problems won't be repeated
July 25: USOC names new general counsel
July 25: IOC honors Holloszy with science prize
July 25: Some residents won't be around during Games
July 25: Olympic organizers open staff outfitting center
July 24: Sydney Olympic budget criticized
July 24: IBM starts fan mail via Olympic Web site
July 24: Hypocrisy no solution to doping
July 23: Authorities deport five with terrorist links
July 21: Fijian coup leader threatens to disrupt Olympics
July 20: WADA has conducted 400 tests
July 20: Sydney organizers extend Bondi relay route
July 20: Australian official rejects firearm reports
July 19: African nations in scramble to book flights
July 19: Covers fall off the showpiece Olympic cauldron
July 18: Hybl, Porter among nominees
July 18: Australian athletes support anti-drug blood bank
July 18: Olympics exempt from Fiji sporting bans
July 18: Former sports boss convicted in doping trial
July 18: Drug-using athletes have won medals
July 17: Aboriginal leaders laud Freeman
July 14: Sutton always feels Canadian pride
July 14: Stress time for Sydney hopefuls
July 13: Cybersquatters being sued by IOC
July 12: PetroCan, COA ink deal
July 12: Flame completes train journey across Outback
July 12: African leaders pledge Olympic truce
July 10: Canucks have friends in Down Under places
July 10: Crack down planned on drug export loophole
July 10: Possible sanctuary for Fiji athletes
July 10: Technicians ready to help Paralympic athletes
July 9: Cuba, U.S. Olympic Committees sign agreement
July 7: IOC not expecting repeat of Atlanta-style marketing
July 7: Acting PM weighs in on doping scandal
July 6: Doping probe halted by discus thrower
July 5: Euro officials commit to fighting drug abuse
July 5: Judge appointed to investigate complicity claims
July 4: Sports scientist admits importing banned drugs
July 4: Organizers give evidence to parliament inquiry
July 3: Organizers come clean -- for a price
July 3: Sydney Olympics funding inquiry to open
July 2: Sydney squeezes into a crowded September
July 1: China works to shed dope-tainted image


June 30: EPO researchers confident of success
June 29: Ebersol: NBC will turn profit on taped Games
June 28: Rogge: IOC will approve unified Korean march
June 28: U.S. skiers, Salt Lake City malls sign agreement
June 27: Coke announces environmental plan
June 27: Torch goes down under Down Under
June 26: Olympic Village turned over to state government
June 23: Government, transport unions agree on pay deal
June 22: Aussie state gov't agrees to inquiry
June 22: Italian Olympic body to increase random testing
June 22: Aussie agencies prepared to combat terrorism
June 21: Out-of-competition doping testing gets underway
June 20: Olympic drug agency, FINA sign testing agreement
June 20: SOCOG receives another budget bail out
June 19: Guidelines set to protect Sydney homeless
June 17: Sydney officials say no specific threat made to Olympic safety
June 16: Sydney box office opens with trickle
June 16: Former cricket captain replaces Gosper
June 16: China insists it is 'very strict' on drugs in sports
June 14: Sports bans unlikely to affect Fijian Olympians
June 14: Environmental campaigners target Olympic sponsor
June 14: USOC drug chief resigns, alleges 'hostile, racist' environment
June 14: Sports bans unlikely to affect Fijian Olympians
June 10: Two million tickets left for Sydney Olympics
June 9: Coup in Fiji leaves Olympic athlete stranded
June 8: Union threatens Olympic disruptions to rail service
June 8: Olympic flame lands Down Under
June 7: Olympic flame lands Down Under
June 7: A look at issues that have troubled Olympics
June 7: Gaffes keep boomeranging Down Under
June 7: Polishing Chinese champions for national glory
June 6: Athletes get Olympic Funding
June 6: First home-soil torchbearer hopes to highlight Aborigines
June 2: Clothing labels with a human touch


May 31: Shorter encouraged by new drug tests
May 31: Sydney chief defends restricting main Olympic site
May 30: USOC warns of problems if broadcast situation not settled
May 29: IOC calls for joint Korea team for Sydney Olympics
May 29: SOCOG cuts Fiji from torch relay
May 25: In the heart of Olympic city, slum highlights Aboriginal
May 25: IOC: 50-50 chance for EPO test in Sydney
May 23: Aussies drop swimsuits for magazine
May 23: Sydney Games completely paid for
May 23: Prime minister part of security dry run
May 23: Calm urged in spats over torch lighting ceremony
May 23: Guam sees start of torch protests
May 22: Sydney Olympic police arrest man who allegedly had explosives cache
May 22: Olympic flame lands in Guam
May 20: Olympic flame heads for Oceania
May 18: Sydney Pay Raises
May 14: Lee driving CBC's first-rate coverage
May 13: Sydney will be a Memorex Olympics
May 12: Gosper: today's ugly Australian
May 10: Athens organizers buoyed by shakeup
May 9: Protesters return to Bondi, vow to disrupt Olympics
May 7: Only cranes still growling in Sydney
May 7: Professor calming Olympic waves
May 7: Only cranes still growling in Sydney
May 7: Students grumble over Olympic eviction
May 5: Olympic security chiefs launch Operation Gold


April 25: SOCOG denies any plans for Palestinian boycott
April 21: Hundreds of U.S. shooters competing for Sydney Olympics
April 19: IOC launches Internet TV site
April 19: IOC: independent drug monitoring for Sydney Olympics
April 18: IOC eases ban on non-rights broadcasters
April 18: IOC expresses confidence in Sydney organizers
April 17: IOC plays down Olympic troubles
April 16: Pound the man to lead IOC
April 15: Fewer fears by Olympic sports after Blake assures help
April 14: SOCOG ticket sale proposal scuttled by consumer watchdog
April 14: New USOC drug boss: We'll catch the cheaters
April 11: East Timor hopes to participate in first Olympics
April 11: Hosting Olympics a scary prospect
April 7: Private hospitals to house paying guests during Olympics
April 6: USOC hires international relations director
April 6: Greenpeace condemns 'dirty' Olympic sponsors
April 5: Huge fines proposed for Olympic business, traffic violations
April 4: Olympic Airways pilots willing to pay to fly Greeks to games
April 4: Souvenir tickets too big for venue turnstiles
April 3: Aboriginals warn of violent protests during Olympics
April 2: Aboriginals warn of violent protests during Olympics
April 1: Aboriginals vow to protest over government report


March 27: signs first sponsorship contract
March 23: USOC's chief marketer resigns
March 22: Half of Sydney Olympians to be tested before games
March 21: Osaka aims for 2008 Olympics
March 16: More than 4,000 soldiers will help with Olympic security
 Sport by Sport
Purdy's golden moment
IOC strips gold medal
Nestor's golden win hits home
Harrison starts in Britain
Bulgarian coach resigns
Student suspended for e-mail threats
Bridesmaid Brunet
Brit wins women's modern pentathlon
Simon's our man
Dream Team hangs on for another gold
Hungary destroys Russia in title game
Barsukova wins rhythmic gold in an upset
Wind dashes Millar's medal hopes
Yugoslavia beats Russia for gold
Despatie arrives early
Netherlands retains Olympic title
Bosshart wins bronze in taekwondo
Ironic performance wins bronze
Clarke retires after finishing 17th