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March 18, 2016

October 1, 2000

Which Canadian medalist in Sydney had the greatest personal influence on you?

Steve Giles
Caroline Brunet
Anne Montminy
Mathieu Turgeon
Karen Cockburn
Nicholas Gill
Curtis Myden
Dominique Bosshart
Simon Whitfield
Daniel Igali

October 1, 2000

How would you rate Canada's performance at the Summer Games?
10% voted for Great
39% voted for Okay
52% voted for Poor
Total Votes for this Question: 5254

September 29, 2000

What is the highlight for Canada at these Games?
52% voted for Whitfield
31% voted for Nestor and Lareau
11% voted for Montminy
1% voted for Gill
6% voted for Opening ceremonies
Total Votes for this Question: 1923

September 28, 2000

Who should be Canada's flag-bearer at the closing ceremonies?
57% voted for Simon Whitfield
2% voted for Nicolas Gill
3% voted for Curtis Myden
2% voted for Bruny Surin
35% voted for Steve Nash
2% voted for Susan Nattrass
Total Votes for this Question: 3091

September 27, 2000

Would you support increased government funding of Canada's amateur athletes?
70% voted for Yes
30% voted for No
Total Votes for this Question: 3849

September 26, 2000

Should athletes be allowed to use over-the-counter cold medication?
60% voted for Yes
17% voted for No
24% voted for Who cares, when drug-use is rampant
Total Votes for this Question: 519

September 24, 2000

Which Canadian athlete has been the biggest disappointment in Sydney?
36% voted for Donovan Bailey
3% voted for Child & Heese
2% voted for Alexander Jeltkov
13% voted for Joanne Malar
2% voted for Carol Montgomery
10% voted for Derek Porter
22% voted for Bruny Surin
6% voted for Alison Sydor
6% voted for Other
Total Votes for this Question: 1430

September 23, 2000

How do you think the Canadian Men's basketball team will finish?
13% voted for Kick U.S butt for gold
20% voted for Silver (Gold for non-U.S.ers)
33% voted for A respectable bronze
35% voted for Off the podium
Total Votes for this Question: 3785

September 22, 2000

In light of Bailey's performance, should track and field funding be reduced?
18% voted for Yes
82% voted for No
Total Votes for this Question: 3025

September 21, 2000

Who is to blame for Canada's poor medal performance?
21% voted for Athletes
4% voted for Coaches
75% voted for Government
Total Votes for this Question: 1885

September 20, 2000

Was the COA's decision to leave Eric Lamaze off the Olympic team justified?
91% voted for Yes
9% voted for No
Total Votes for this Question: 1193

September 19, 2000

Should Eric Lamaze be allowed to compete in the Sydney Olympics?
83% voted for No
17% voted for Yes
Total Votes for this Question: 4174

September 18, 2000

What is your primary source of Olympic coverage?
73% voted for TV
19% voted for Internet
5% voted for Newspaper
3% voted for Radio
Total Votes for this Question: 2559

September 17, 2000

Which sport are you most interested in watching?
12% voted for Basketball
8% voted for Boxing
8% voted for Gymnastics
4% voted for Rowing
6% voted for Soccer
11% voted for Swimming
3% voted for Tennis
27% voted for Track & Field
7% voted for Volleyball
14% voted for Other
Total Votes for this Question: 1575

September 15, 2000

Did you stay up to watch the 2000 Games Opening Ceremony?
14% voted for Yes, now let me sleep
33% voted for No, I'll catch the highlights later
52% voted for No. Show me sports, not singing
Total Votes for this Question: 4380

September 15, 2000

Can the IOC ever stop doping at the Olympics?
- 28% voted for If they conducted more tests
- 54% voted for They will never defeat it
- 18% voted for Just make doping legal
Total Votes for this Question: 2666

September 13, 2000

Will Canada surpass its medal-total (3G,11S,8B) set in 1996?
- 30% voted for Does a Goose fly south in winter?
- 22% voted for Medal hopes are going Down Under
- 7% voted for Only if Bailey's healthy
- 41% voted for We'll at least beat Tonga
Total Votes for this Question: 2680

September 11, 2000

What punishment should Olympic equestrian Eric Lamaze be given?
- 57% voted for A lifetime ban
- 22% voted for A one-year ban
- 7% voted for A Summer Games' ban
- 15% voted for No ban
Total Votes for this Question: 199

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