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March 18, 2016
Sailing was spectacular in harbor
 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Mark Reynolds and Sydney Harbor put a shine on the Olympic sailing regatta.
 Reynolds, a San Diego sailmaker, did it for the United States, winning his second Star class gold medal with some smart sailing in the final race on the final day.
Oct. 1: Full story

Clarke retires after finishing 17th
 SYDNEY (CP) -- The dark wraparound sunglasses hid his eyes, but the slump in his shoulders, the slight quiver in his voice, gave a peek into Richard Clarke's soul.
 He had expected tears at the Olympic Games, tears of celebration and joy.
Sept. 30: Full story and results

Reynolds sails to second gold medal
 SYDNEY (AP-CP) -- There are a lot of reasons Mark Reynolds is called the star of the Star class, perhaps none bigger than the way he sailed to his second Olympic gold medal.
 Reynolds, a San Diego sailmaker, turned trouble at the start into the first U.S. sailing gold medal since he won the Star gold at Barcelona in 1992.
Sept. 30: Full story

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