SEARCH 2000 Games

PROFILE: Bruny Surin
Bruny's long walk home
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY- Bruny Surin's time in the 100-metre walk was 50.94.
 The gun went off in the 100 metre semifinal and Surin knew he was shot at about the 10-metre mark.
 He walked the rest of the way.
 As a result, he ended up with an official time of 50.94.

Relay squad appears doomed
By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun
 SYDNEY -- Bruny Surin had some bad information to relay to his relay teammates. He almost certainly will not be there when the 4x100-metre heats begin Friday.
 "The Games for me are done," Surin said after pulling up injured in the 100-metre semi-finals early yesterday morning. "It will be a miracle for me to run the relay. It hurts so much.

Surin vows to race again
By JIM MORRIS -- Canadian Press
 SYDNEY -- It took less than two seconds for Bruny Surin to realize a life-time goal wouldn't be reached.
 It took him just a little bit longer to put it all into perspective.

Surin fails to advance to final
 SYDNEY (CP) -- Canadian Bruny Surin, halted by a sore hamstring, pulled up in his semifinal of the Olympic 100 metres Saturday.
 Surin, a silver medallist at the 1999 world championships, applied the brakes almost immediately after coming out of the starting blocks.

Bruny? Maybe
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY -- Bruny Surin lives. Or not.
 The silver medallist from last year's World Championships in Athletics in Seville, Spain, Surin made it through the first round of Olympic Games 100-metre qualifying by a whisker, by five thousands of a second, as the last guy on the list.

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