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Sunday, September 17, 2000
Malchow sets Olympic record in 200 fly

 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Fly, Malchow, Fly.

 Inspired by placards bearing that message and a dominating U.S. performance, Tom Malchow set another record at the Olympic pool Monday (Sunday night EDT), leading preliminaries of the 200-meter butterfly at 1 minute, 56.25 seconds.

 Malchow nipped .01 seconds off the Olympic mark set by American Mel Stewart in winning gold at the 1992 Barcelona Games.

 The Americans blew everyone out of the water Sunday night (Sunday morning EDT), finishing 1-2 in a pair of finals and winding up with six medals overall. In their much-hyped showdown with the Australians, the U.S. team held a 9-2 edge in total medals after Day 2 of the eight-day competition.

 "Whatever we can do to keep the momentum going," Malchow said. "Last night was unbelievable."

 American fans returned to the Sydney International Aquatic Center wearing T-shirts and holding up signs that urged on another medal hopeful: "Fly, Malchow, Fly."

 "I finally got that out of the way," said Malchow, one of the strongest supporters of the high-tech bodysuit. "I feel good and I'm happy with the suit."

 The 24-year-old native of St. Paul, Minn., already holds the world record in the 200 fly. He swam 1:55.18 at a June meet in Charlotte, N.C.

 Fifteen-year-old Michael Phelps of Baltimore, youngest member of the men's Olympic swim team since 1932, showed himself to be a medal contender, as well. He used a strong kick to win his heat and post the third-fastest time in the morning, 1:57.30.

 "I tried to do the same race I did at trials," Phelps said. "I'm not nervous at all."

 Malchow and Phelps advanced to the 16-man evening semifinals, with the final set for Tuesday night.

 "I'm not concerned with records or time here," Malchow said. "I want to save something (for the final). It's about winning."

 He was the youngest man on the Olympic swim team four years ago, when he won a silver medal at Atlanta. Defending Olympic champion Denis Pankratov of Russia, swimming in Phelps' heat, faded badly in the final 50 meters and was ninth-fastest overall, 1:58.01.

 Denys Sylant'yev of Ukraine, who was sandwiched between the Americans in second at 1:56.42, called Malchow "very unpredictable."

 "He can be great," the Ukrainian said. "It just depends on what's in his mind."

 Four American women moved on to the evening semifinals.

 In the 200 individual medley, Cristina Teuscher of New Rochelle, N.Y., was fifth-fastest at 2:14.17, while Gabrielle Rose, a native of Brazil who now lives in Memphis, Tenn., ranked eighth with 2:15.55.

 Lindsay Benko of Elkhart, Ind., was fourth-fastest (2:00.13) in the 200 freestyle prelims, while Rada Owen of Chesterfield, Va., barely advanced to the semis as the No. 15 qualifier, 2:01.10

 "It was a lot of nerves because it's the first swim," Teuscher said. "I let up by the end because where it counts is tomorrow night."

 Rose swan for Brazil at the 1996 Atlanta Games but made the American team this year after gaining dual citizenship. When she heard her name and country announced before the race, "I had a big smile on my face," she said.

 Ozana Verevka of Russia paced the medley field at 2:13.48, well off the Olympic and world records.

 Australian star Susie O'Neill, serenaded with songs and chants of "Susie! Susie!" from the home crowd, was top qualifier in the freestyle at 1:59.14. Helene Muller of South Africa was the only other swimmer to break two minutes, touching at 1:59.89. She was followed by Claudia Poll of Costa Rica (2:00.11), bronze medalist the previous night in the 400 freestyle.

 "I'm really excited to be fourth," Benko said. "I was nervous. But I love swimming here in Australia."

 Benko won five medals, including silver in the 200 free, at the Pan Pacific championships held last year at the same pool.

 O'Neill didn't come close to Franziska van Almsick's world record of 1:56.78, which has stood since 1994. The German qualified seventh for the semis, well off her record pace at 2:00.37.

 Eight world records fell on the first two days of competition. The evening finals were highlighted by a showdown in the men's 200 freestyle between Australia's Ian Thorpe, going for his third gold medal of the Games, and Pieter van den Hoogenband of the Netherlands, who broke the "Thorpedo's" world record in the semifinals Sunday.

 American Lenny Krayzelburg was a heavy favorite in the 100 backstroke, and gold medals also will be handed out in the women's 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke.

 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Results Monday from the swimming events at the Summer Olympics (Q-qualified for next round):
 200m Butterfly
 Heat 1
 1, Cheng-Hua Tseng, Taiwan, 2:03.62.
 2, Georgi Palazov, Bulgaria, 2:04.40.
 3, Roberto Delgado, Ecuador, 2:08.18.
 4, Dumitru Zastoico, Moldova, 2:09.34.
 5, Dmitriy Tsutskarev, Uzbekistan, 2:10.54.
 6, Fadi Kouzmah, Syria, 2:11.56.
 Heat 2
 1, Anthony Ang, Malaysia, 2:00.12.
 2, Zoran Lazarevski, Macedonia, 2:01.30.
 3, Mark Kin Ming Kwok, Hong Kong, 2:01.99.
 4, Juan Pablo Valdivieso, Peru, 2:03.67.
 5, Dulyarit Phuangthong, Thailand, 2:04.15.
 6, Lovrenco Franicevic, Croatia, 2:04.35.
 7, Konstantin Andriushin, Kyrgyzstan, 2:04.86.
 8, Albert Christadi Sutanto, Indonesia, 2:05.13.
 Heat 3
 1, Vladan Markovic, Yugoslavia, 2:00.11.
 2, Viktor Bodrogi, Hungary, 2:00.74.
 3, Ioannis Drymonakos, Greece, 2:00.75.
 4, Theo Verster, South Africa, 2:00.90.
 5, Gunter Rodriguez, Cuba, 2:01.06.
 6, Michael Windisch, Austria, 2:01.20.
 7, Tero Valimaa, Finland, 2:02.46.
 8, Colin Lowth, Ireland, 2:03.91.
 Heat 4
 1, Denys Sylant'yev, Ukraine, 1:56.42 (Q).
 2, Thomas Rupprath, Germany, 1:58.32 (Q).
 3, Heath Ramsay, Australia, 1:58.82 (Q).
 4, Hisayoshi Tanaka, Japan, 1:59.00 (Q).
 5, Ioan Gherghel, Romania, 1:59.48.
 6, Jorge Perez, Spain, 2:00.15.
 7, Massimiliano Eroli, Italy, 2:01.32.
 8, Michael Halika, Israel, 2:01.97.
 Heat 5
 1, Michael Phelps, Towson, Md., 1:57.30 (Q).
 2, Anatoli Poliakov, Russia, 1:57.67 (Q).
 3, Franck Esposito, France, 1:57.97 (Q).
 4, Denis Pankratov, Russia, 1:58.01 (Q).
 5, Takashi Yamamoto, Japan, 1:58.07 (Q).
 6, Han Kyu-Chul, South Korea, 1:59.85.
 7, Juan Veloz, Mexico, 2:00.02.
 8, Xie Xufeng, China, 2:02.00.
 Heat 6
 1, Tom Malchow, St. Paul, Minn., 1:56.25 (Q).
 2, Justin Norris, Australia, 1:57.60 (Q).
 3, James Hickman, Britain, 1:57.88 (Q).
 4, Stephen Parry, Britain, 1:58.00 (Q).
 5, Stefan Aartsen, Netherlands, 1:58.89 (Q).
 6, Andrew Livingston, Puerto Rico, 1:59.05 (Q).
 7, Sergiy Fesenko, Ukraine, 1:59.41 (Q).
 8, Shamek Pietucha, Canada, 1:59.59.
 200m Freestyle
 Heat 1
 1, Nisha Millet, India, 2:08.89.
 2, Pamela Vasquez, Honduras, 2:15.83.
 3, Marella Mamoun, Syria, 2:18.78.
 Heat 2
 1, Lara Hrund Bjargardottir, Iceland, 2:05.22.
 2, Vesna Stojanovska, Macedonia, 2:05.58.
 3, Ivanka Moralieva, Bulgaria, 2:07.61.
 4, Anna Korshikova, Kyrgyzstan, 2:08.08.
 5, Petra Banovic, Croatia, 2:08.30.
 NR, Florencia Szigeti, Argentina, DQ.
 Heat 3
 1, Rania Elwani, Egypt, 2:01.93.
 2, Zoi Dimoschaki, Greece, 2:04.06.
 3, Olena Lapunova, Ukraine, 2:04.39.
 4, Chantal Gibney, Ireland, 2:05.24.
 5, Pilin Tachakittiranan, Thailand, 2:05.88.
 6, Elina Partoka, Estonia, 2:05.90.
 7, Shu-Min Tsai, Taiwan, 2:06.12.
 8, Roh Joo-Hee, South Korea, 2:07.21.
 Heat 4
 1, Helene Muller, South Africa, 1:59.89 (Q).
 2, Camelia Potec, Romania, 2:00.18 (Q).
 3, Martina Moravcova, Slovakia, 2:00.46 (Q).
 4, Natalya Baranovskaya, Belarus, 2:00.58 (Q).
 5, Mandy Leach, Zimbabwe, 2:01.05 (Q).
 6, Sara Parise, Italy, 2:01.31 (Q).
 7, Karen Pickering, Britain, 2:01.42.
 8, Solenne Figues, France, 2:01.46.
 Heat 5
 1, Claudia Poll, Costa Rica, 2:00.11 (Q).
 2, Franziska van Almsick, Germany, 2:00.37 (Q).
 3, Nadejda Tchemezova, Russia, 2:00.47 (Q).
 4, Giaan Rooney, Australia, 2:00.99 (Q).
 5, Rada Owen, Chesterfield, Va., 2:01.10 (Q).
 6, Yang Yu, China, 2:01.34.
 7, Nina van Koeckhoven, Belgium, 2:02.15.
 8, Laura Roca, Spain, 2:03.37.
 Heat 6
 1, Susie O'Neill, Australia, 1:59.14 (Q).
 2, Lindsay Benko, Elkhart, Ind., 2:00.13 (Q).
 3, Kerstin Kielgass, Germany, 2:00.25 (Q).
 4, Carla Geurts, Netherlands, 2:00.60 (Q).
 5, Wang Luna, China, 2:00.89 (Q).
 6, Jessica Deglau, Canada, 2:01.42.
 7, Laura Nicholls, Canada, 2:02.69.
 NR, Karen Legg, Britain, DNS.
 200m Individual Medley
 Heat 1
 1, Irina Mulyayeva, Kazakstan, 2:22.72.
 2, Alexandra Zertsalova, Kyrgyzstan, 2:24.09.
 3, Meritxell Sabate, Andorra, 2:30.41.
 4, Fernanda Jose Cuadra, Nicaragua, 2:38.25.
 Heat 2
 1, Hana Cerna, Czech Republic, 2:17.58.
 2, Alenka Kejzar, Slovenia, 2:18.33.
 3, Carolyn Adel, Surinam, 2:19.17.
 4, Nam Yoo-Sun, South Korea, 2:22.53.
 5, Maria Virginia Garrone, Argentina, 2:22.98.
 6, Aikaterini Sarakatsani, Greece, 2:23.05.
 7, Wai Yen Sia, Malaysia, 2:23.31.
 8, Smiljana Marinovic, Croatia, 2:25.24.
 Heat 3
 1, Oxana Verevka, Russia, 2:13.48 (Q).
 2, Tomoko Hagiwara, Japan, 2:15.16 (Q).
 3, Gabrielle Rose, Memphis, Tenn., 2:15.55 (Q).
 4, Nicole Hetzer, Germany, 2:16.98 (Q).
 5, Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe, 2:17.73.
 6, Helen Norfolk, New Zealand, 2:18.90.
 7, Yasuko Tajima, Japan, 2:21.65.
 8, Diana Mocanu, Romania, 2:29.58.
 Heat 4
 1, Beatrice Caslaru, Romania, 2:13.72 (Q).
 2, Joanne Malar, Canada, 2:13.92 (Q).
 3, Marianne Limpert, Canada, 2:15.07 (Q).
 4, Susan Rolph, Britain, 2:16.43 (Q).
 5, Yseult Gervy, Belgium, 2:16.51 (Q).
 6, Zhan Shu, China, 2:16.63 (Q).
 7, Joscelin Yeo, Singapore, 2:19.18.
 8, Anna Windsor, Australia, 2:19.44.
 Heat 5
 1, Yana Klochkova, Ukraine, 2:13.83 (Q).
 2, Cristina Teuscher, New Rochelle, N.Y., 2:14.17 (Q).
 3, Chen Yan, China, 2:16.01 (Q).
 4, Federica Biscia, Italy, 2:16.09 (Q).
 5, Elli Overton, Australia, 2:16.76 (Q).
 6, Sabine Klenz, Germany, 2:17.18 (Q).
 7, Vered Borochovski, Israel, 2:18.99.
 8, Kathryn Evans, Britain, 2:19.41.
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