SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016
Chinese partners take singles gold and silver
 SYDNEY (AP) -- There's only one way to see these Chinese table tennis players lose: Put them on opposite sides.
 Wang Nan beat her doubles partner Li Ju on Sunday night to win the women's table tennis Olympic gold medal. The pair got together to beat Chinese teammates Sun Jin and Yang Ying for the women's doubles gold.
Sept. 24: Full story and results

China wins again
 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- China is taking table tennis doubles to a new level.
 Not only are the teams made up of two Chinese players, but both finalists are Chinese as well.
Sept. 23: Full story

Chinese team wins gold in women's doubles
 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- The Chinese call table tennis "guo qiu," or "national ball," and view it as a national sport. China's women's doubles teams showed why.
 The duo of Li Ju and Wang Nan won the gold medal in women's doubles table tennis Friday night, defeating the Chinese team of Sun Jin and Yang Ying. South Korea's Kim Moo-kyo and Ryu Ji-hye won the bronze.
Sept. 22: Full story

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