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March 18, 2016
Simon's our man
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY - Of course the Canadian flag -bearer to close the Sydney Olympics was Simon Whitfield. He's been carrying the flag for Canada since Day 2.
 He's the people's choice and been since the beginning. Who else to make Canada feel good for the ending?
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Whitfield: After the cheers
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY -- When you dream the Olympic dream you only dream it until the moment you hit the finish line or maybe the moment when you hear the anthem and have the medal hung around your neck.
 You never dream what happens next.
 Nobody makes movies about that part of it. the ending is always when you are standing on top of the world with tears in your eyes.
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Sept. 18: 'That crazy kid' a golden hero

Golden glory
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY -- He won it for his 96-year-old grandmother, who lives across the harbour here. And for Canada. Not necessarily in that order.
 And don't doubt Simon Whitfield when he tells you he won it for Canada. It's no phoney baloney when you have choice. Canada's first gold medal winner of the Sydney Olympics has dual citizenship. He could have competed in the Sydney Olympic Games for Australia. He could have had 150,000 people in the streets singing 'Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oye! Oye! Oye!'
 Instead he stood to hear O Canada.
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Sept. 17: Canada's Whitfield wins men's triathlon
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Coming on strong
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY - On a scale of 10, triathlon just went from a two to a nine back home as a result of the spectacular show here and Simon Whitfield's first gold of the Games for Canada.
 And the World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton next summer just went from being a sideshow to the World Championships In Athletics to a stand- alone main-stage show of its own.
Sept. 17: Full story

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