SEARCH 2000 Games

Archery Centre
Credit: AP Photo/Grant Wilson
The archery centre at Homebush Bay is a far cry from Sherwood Forest and the days of the longbow. Modern archery is a precise, high-technology sport. The Sydney International Archery Park will become a permanent home for the sport in Australia.

The new facility will be the site of archery competition for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The 6.5 hectare site adjoins the Haslams Creek and Mangrove Creek wetland areas in Homebush Bay, and is part of a network of open space forming the Millennium Parklands. Building of the $3 million archery complex began in February 1998. The park was opened in July 1998.

Seen from above, the archery site appears as a room in the wider landscape of the Millennium Parklands. Enclosing the site are natural mangrove wetland fringes, and two sculptural pole forests, made from 185 recycled electricity poles ranging from three to eleven metres in height.

The 183 x 100 metre archery field is flat, with a subsoil system to ensure adequate drainage.

The 100 x 10 metre archery pavilion is aligned to ensure the best shooting positions for athletes. There are nine modules beneath the pavilion's distinctive, twisting roof, which provides shade and protection for archers and spectators.

During the Olympic Games, the archery field will be separated into a 52 x 70 metre competition area and an adjacent training and warm-up field of 88 x 70 metres. A video screen, scoreboard, and temporary 4,000-seat grandstand with amenities will provide extra facilities for spectators, VIPs and media.

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