SEARCH 2000 Games

Tennis Centre
Credit: AP Photo/Russell McPhedran
The Tennis Centre for the Olympics has been built right in the heart of Homebush Bay and will host all the major tournaments played in Sydney as well.

Construction of the $39 million Tennis Centre commenced during November 1998 and was completed in December 1999. It was funded by the New South Wales Government with a $7.1 million contribution from Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia, and a $1.3 million contribution from the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG).

A highlight of the design will be a 10,000-seat circular centre court stadium. A lightweight metal roof will provide shade to seventy per cent of the seats. The roof itself is an extremely efficient design, weighing on average only 15 kilograms per square metre. Court lighting will be integrated into the roof, removing the need for separate lighting pylons.

At court level, natural ventilation will enhance comfort for all. Heat from the centre court playing surface rises naturally, drawing cooler air through ventilation louvres, cooling players and spectators without affecting the play. The circular stadium shape will provide optimal seating and viewing locations.

There will also be two show courts, seven match courts and six practice courts. All playing surfaces will be Rebound Ace cushioned acrylic.

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