SEARCH 2000 Games

Dunc Gray Velodrome
Credit: AP Photo/Rob Griffith
Designed to be Australia's premier track cycling facility, the Velodrome is located within The Crest of Bankstown, an area of recreational parkland with existing athletics, hockey and soccer fields, at Bankstown in Sydney's west.

Construction on the $41 million Velodrome commenced in May 1998 and was completed by September 1999.

The Velodrome is named after Dunc Gray, who won Australia's first cycling gold medal at Los Angeles in 1932. Dunc Gray was committed to cycling and the Olympic movement, involved in both the Melbourne Centennial Olympic bid in 1996 and Sydney's successful bid for the 2000 Games.

The Velodrome's compact, domed structure covers about 11,000 square metres. The metal decked roof holds glazed central skylights, equipped with light-control louvres to optimize natural lighting and eliminate shadows on the track.

EVENTS- Cycling.

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