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March 18, 2016

It's the Canadian way
By AL STRACHAN -- Toronto Sun
 SALT LAKE CITY -- There was nothing wrong with designating Joe Sakic the MVP of the Olympic tournament.
 The organizers pretty well had to name somebody from the team that won the gold medal, and since Sakic was the only Canadian they saw fit to name to the all-star team, he was the logical choice.
Feb. 25: Full story

Talk isn't cheap
By AL STRACHAN -- Toronto Sun
 SALT LAKE CITY -- The biggest rivalry in the National Hockey League is not Edmonton-Calgary, Rangers-Islanders or even Montreal-Toronto.
 It is the Americans versus the Canadians.
Feb. 24: Full story

Canada doing what has to be done
By AL STRACHAN -- Toronto Sun
 SALT LAKE CITY -- Even though Team Canada had just advanced to the Olympic men's hockey gold-medal game by virtue of a 7-1 drubbing of Belarus, there was no sense of jubilation.
 It was, after all, Belarus.
Feb. 23: Full story

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