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Edmonton, AB Skyreach Centre

Daily Report

The shows in Calgary and Edmonton are the first back-to-back shows on the Canadian Tour.

This means the crew, who left Calgary at 2 am, started work today at 8 am. You wake up on the bus in the Skyreach parking lot, grab a coffee and go to work. Hopefully later in the day once the stage is set you'll be able to nap on the bus for an hour or two. It takes roughly six to seven hours to set the show up, not including the basic stage, which is set up locally for each show.

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  • Today's Charity - Lurana Shelter (an inner-city shelter that houses and assists women and children who flee family violence, providing alternatives to deal positively with their futures)

     Here's the Skyreach lineup:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    Limblifter 7:00 pm
    Sloan 7:50 pm
    Alanis Morissette 9:00 pm

    Local Edmonton Shots

    Concert Review

    What a night this has been! It's 11:30 pm Wednesday night and the road crew has torn down most of the stage already, while Alanis is probably on her bus leaving for Saskatoon. This has been an evening I'll always remember.

     When I first found out that I would be reporting on this stop of The Junkie Tour, I thought how easy this would be. In the hours prior to the concert, though it hit me. I was going to meet and report on a concert by Alanis Morissette. No matter how you view her as an artist, it is nevertheless an exciting and maybe a once in a lifetime prospect. This whole night has been quite a blur, actually. I was told I could bring a friend, so I brought my best friend. He is my 9-year-old son, Nicholas and he is a big fan of Alanis' music. His take on her music is quite different than mine and that's what makes Alanis so unique. I feel her music transcends generations and appeals to different people on many levels no matter the age. Her songs are quite personal but universal in their themes.

     On this stop of the tour Limblifter and Sloan were the opening acts. I'm sorry that I wasn't more familiar with their music. Limblifter, out of Vancouver was quite a decent band, although I don't think that this was the proper venue for them. I think, that they are probably better off in much smaller clubs at this point. Their sound tended to get lost and the result was muddied. Sloan, on the other hand, was much more tight and polished. They had some numbers that really rocked and got the crowd moving.

     And then there was Alanis! What a study in contrast! When Ross, our tour liason took us down for the meet and greet, in came this small, quiet woman, but on stage we saw an artist who was releasing an immense amount of pent up energy. Alanis is quite quiet and gracious when she offered to pose for a photo with Nicholas and I and sign some autographs. On stage, she is in total control.

     I thought the concert was very paced. At times you felt like you were riding a runaway train only to have Alanis pull it back and bring it under control. The band has been on the road for about four months but there weren't any signs of fatigue. Their playing was pretty tight and measured. Alanis, pretty much had the crowd eating out of her hands. I really would have trouble picking out any songs that stood out above the others. I felt that songs like Are You Still Mad and You Oughta Know gave the audience a chance to hear the range that she is capable of. Uninvited and Thank You also came across clearly and the music was secondary. Her last encore was an unplugged set which was really a nice way to bring people down to earth and it was an especially good to hear Unsent and Heart Of the House on a more intimate level. Well, as intimate as one could get in the Skyreach Centre.

     I really enjoyed the music and the evening and even though she was singing to several thousand people it was as if she was only singing to me. And that's what makes her Alanis.


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