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Halifax, NS Metro Centre

Daily Report

This is it, the last Canadian show of The Junkie Tour! Aside for the usual setting-up madness, the production staff: Mark, Andy and Jody, are organizing folks for tomorrow shuttle to Europe. Then there's the gear to worry over - what's going to Europe and what's going back to the shop.

The bus and truck drivers are preparing to deadhead back to the US where they will go out on other tours. Bart, Kevin, Wizard and the rest milage gang have a safe trip back home and don't forget to pick up those Cuban cigars tonight.

The intrepid Mike M, one of the many on this crew who makes the show sound so good, is making some last minute purchases to rid himself of coins of our Realm.

On the way up to Citadel Hill, which I could hardly miss once exiting the Metro Centre (see instructions from Tammi below) I spied Mr. Fiddle - Ashley MacIsaac said hello. Ashley, who also saw the show in Toronto, is coming to the show tonight.

Here's the morning report from Tammi

HI Ross...just wanted to drop you a note so say WELCOME TO HALIFAX!!! Weather is great and hopefully will stay great so you can get some great shots of Halifax. You might want to get one of the Citadel Clock which is right outside the Metro Centre right up on the hill. Its white and a Halifax landmark!

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     Here's the Halifax lineup:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    Joydrop 7:00 pm
    Crash Test Dummies 7:50 pm
    Alanis 9:00 pm

    Local halifax Shots

    Concert Review

    The weather couldn't have been more welcoming to the musical guests on this, the last venue on Alanis' cross Canada tour. The opening act at the Halifax Metro Centre was Joydrop, They opened the night with vigor and energy which was no doubt sparked by the overwhelming apparent enthusiasm for playing to a home crowd. Joydrop's lead singer is a Haligonian and she made it known she was very pleased to be playing tonight in the same building she attended various concerts in herself while growing up

    They set the stage for a very lively and entertaining performance by the Crash Test Dummies which would not have been complete without the, shall we say, interesting wardrobe choice of lead singer, Brad Roberts. Their opening song was "Peter Pumpkinhead" which got the crowd going for favorites like "The Superman Song" as well as some new material from their recent album. It was then that we were whisked away backstage to the Meet & Greet with Alanis herself. Upon her entrance into the room where we were all gathered, I must admit that I was surprised by her small stature, as Alanis has always seemed larger than life. She quietly greeted us in an almost passive fashion. We shook hands, she offered to sign my CD jacket cover and a photo that Ross managed to find for me. When I commented to her that she must get tired of signing things, she quietly replied, "No" while shaking her head to convey the same. We then headed back to watch the end of the Crash Test Dummies' set. Their performance would not have been complete without the group's comical rendition of Britney Spears' "Oh Baby Baby" in which lead singer, Brad, had the crowd in stitches as he paraded around stage in a woman's undergarment!

    After a short break, the stage was turned over to Alanis. Playing to a sold out crowd, she gave the audience a performance to remember and it is without hesitation that I can say I believe she saved the best for last. I have been reading the previous concert reporters' reviews on the Canoe website and was anxious to see the Tree of Life many mentioned as her backdrop. It was massive, intricate and symbolic of Alanis' personal growth in my opinion. Her music has evolved since her last album but I would not say one is better than the other. She, like the tree, has branched out, exploring new paths.

    The crowd showed the most response to selections from her Jagged Little Pill album such as "Hand in My Pocket", "Ironic" and "You Learn" which she dedicated to the Halifax crowd. Fans were on their feet, singing along and dancing to most of her numbers. After a long intro by her keyboard player, she played my personal favorite from her latest material, "Uninvited" which she sang perfectly in an almost haunting way.

    Near the end of the night she changed to a more intimate and informal setting where she and her band played unplugged. As an encore they performed "Unsent", "Head Over Feet" and finally "You Are". Alanis truly is an amazing musician with seasoned vocals and has no problem giving the audience a show full of balance with high-energy numbers with attitude offset with equally pleasing low-key and almost introspective songs.

    It is with gratitude that I thank Alanis, Canoe, Ross and everyone involved in giving my boyfriend, Adam and myself, the opportunity to experience a musical event we will always remember. In the words of Alanis herself, "Thank You".

    Alanis will soon be heading off to Germany to continue her Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Tour and with that we will say Aufweidersehen.

    -- Tammi

    Concert Shots

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