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Montreal, PQ Molson Centre

Daily Report

It's a big sunny day in Montreal - 32 degrees Celsius. The city is alive with pedestrians, shoppers spending Friday's cheque. Centre Molson, home of tonight's show is only a short distance from some of Montreal's relaxing parks, St. George's Anglican Church (founded in 1843) and is in the heart of the city.

  In an hour you can admire some impressive architecture, lunch at Reubens Deli, listen to street musicians, get Alanis, CDT and Nancy Dumais CDs and be back at Centre Molson. Should you need a quick refreshment go to Moe's across the street.


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  • Today's Charity - Today's Charity Tourette Syndrome (TS) Foundation. The Tourette Syndrome Foundation provides monies for further research on TS and assists those suffering from the disorder.

     Here's the Montreal schedule:

    Alanis at Musique Plus 1:30 pm
    Doors 6:00 pm
    Nancy Dumais 7:30 pm
    Crash Test Dummies 8:20 pm
    Alanis 9:30 pm

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    Concert Review

    Tonight's journey began for us back in 1988 when one day after a hard day at York University we decided to attend a club called Superstars. It was night we remember well as "Alanis" was the opening act for the popular dance group "C & C Music Factory". Even then it was very easy to see that Alanis was something special. Not only was her music uplifting and full of energy, but her charismatic presence was everywhere. When her short set ended it was evident that the audience wanted to hear more. But, years went by before Alanis reappeared and this time things were different. Gone were the carefree lyrics and preppy persona. This time "Alanis Morissette" was on a mission singing about personal pains and pleasures. The drastic change in musical style took a little getting used to but it did not take long for the again colorful lyrics to capture the hearts of many.

     The next time we saw Alanis was at a little bar called Lee's Palace in Toronto and she was very different from the dance queen a few years back. Not only were her words full of imagery but her ever changing facial expressions added to the journey. It was shortly after that club show Alanis Morissette's popularity took off both in Canada and the USA.

     Tonight we had the opportunity to see just how much Alanis has grown over the years. Her once popular club shows have become rare and in their place have come stadiums with thousands of screaming fans. But Alanis remains focused and as calm as ever. This evening the Molson Center was sold out with everyone there to lose themselves in Alanis' unique words and melodies. For the most part of the evening the capacity crowd was on their feet singing along with both the new and old songs. Alanis seemed to thrive on the energy and seemed more energetic then ever. Show highlights were songs like "You Learn" where a swirling Alanis nearly collapsed as she worked out her frustrations while singing. The best song of the night was by far "Uninvited" from the "City of Angels" soundtrack which was actually performed twice. The first run through was a piano solo where even Alanis herself sat down on the floor and very attentively watched every key stroke. As the song grew to an end Alanis and her band joined in and did a different adaptation.

     Another point worth mentioning is how effectively Alanis shrank the largeness of Montreal's Molson Center to make the show seem more intimate. One of the ways she did this was by hanging a cool backdrop upstage and setting up stools for her band and her to sit on. The songs presented in this format were all of an acoustic nature and carried well through the building. This part of the show really distinguished Alanis from many other musicians who seem to not adapt their music to the venues they play in. This was definitely an experience that we will both remember throughout the rest of our lives....thanks CANOE.

    -- Michael Hershorn and Shawn Levine

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