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Ottawa, ON Corel Centre

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Alanis is more than half way through the Canadian leg of "The Junkie Tour" and tonight returns to her hometown of Ottawa. Alanis fans have walked away very happy with her performances on "The Junkie Tour." Fans have been much more fascinated by musical progression than the music press. Each show is a healthy mix of songs from JLP and SFIJ.

 The production staff is busy advancing shows in Europe. "Do we have hotels in Berlin," "How big is the stage in Lisbon", "We need buses." The list of items that need to be finalized before the tour hits Europe later this month is endless. Alanis is also taking on extra work; she's preparing to shoot a video for So Pure and will also contribute a yet to be named song to No Boundaries, the Kosovo refugees benefit record (in stores June 15). Proceeds from No Boundaries will be directed to three international aid organizations, CARE, OXFAM and Doctors Without Borders.

  • Today's JAM Reporter: Julie
  • Today's Charity - The Food Bank. The Food Bank supports 70 emergency food agencies throughout Ottawa-Charleton region and Western Quebec, distributing 10,000 pounds of food daily.

     Here's the Ottawa schedule:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    Kinnie Starr 7:00 pm
    The Miller Stain Limit 7:50 pm
    Alanis Morissette 9:00 pm

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    Concert Review

    Alanis' home town...Ottawa. It's amazing how many people in this town claim to know her or to have dated her. So, of course, my first question to her was how she felt about knowing she has apparently dated all of these Capital city men. Her response, as she laughed, "Yes, I dated all five thousand of them." She seems to have a great sense of humour.

     At the beginning of the evening we met Ross. He showed us where we would be taking pictures, where we would be sitting and he gave us our passes. Throughout this I'm having butterflies, looking out for any important people...and of course, showing off the pass. Miller Stain Limit was the first band, they are from Toronto and have an Our Lady Peace feel to them. After the band played it was time to meet and greet.

     We went into a small room with fifteen other contest winners and guests. In the room they had complimentary water and pop. Many people seemed nervous, I'll include myself on that list. About ten minutes later Alanis entered the room. When Alanis came to us, my sister Sophie, asked Alanis about "No Bounderies," a benefit LP for Kosovo Refugees. She told us she was contributing "Baba" [possibly a live version] on the album. Alanis then took a picture with us. I must note my sister and I are 5'11'', Alanis is approx. 5'6", we towered over her. Alanis, is also a size 2...much smaller than I would have pictured her. So, anybody who had any problem with the "Thank You" video should hold their tongues. She is truly beautiful and, obviously, more petite than most of us realize.

     After meeting her, we went back to the main stage and enjoyed the last song from the Crash Test Dummies [hailing from Winnipeg]. They did a hilarious cover of Britany Spears' song "Baby, One more time." Brad, the lead singer, graced us in a pink dress and feathery boa. He pulled the song off better than Britany ever could...and he didn't even need implants to do it.

     A long time passed between the Dummies and Alanis. Enough time, in fact, for us to sit and have a drink with Ross. We grilled him about this job that he has...following and pleasing us contest winners cross-country. He's a patient guy, that Ross. We think he deserves a raise (The reason? That comes next!). Show starts. We are at the front. Not the front row. Not at the rail! We are behind the security guards! For three songs we stood with the rest of the photogs and attempted to take some pictures of Alanis. No small feat (as you'll probably see by the pictures Canoe decided to put up). It was a trip.

     Alanis' performance was amazing. The highlight of the evening was Deron's piano lead-up to "Univited." Actually, lead-up doesn't do his performance justice. It was an entity of its own, perhaps deserving it's own stage. Alanis made a good call on this one. Deron and Alanis on this song were phenominal. So, thanks to Ross and to Canoe for this awesome evening.

    -- Julie

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