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Quebec City, PQ Le Colisee

Daily Report

Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir dans la belle ville de Quebec et l'equipe voudrait remercier Alanis d`avoir choisi le ville de Quebec pour le "The Junkie Tour".

Quebec City! What could be better than a much-needed day off in this wonderful city? The old walled section of the city seems ages older than most other areas in Canada. Quebec City is without a doubt, Canada's most European looking and feeling city. Narrow streets, ancient churches, scaffolding and restoration work on every other street and cafes that welcome smokers and non-smokers alike. Starbucks is no big deal here. Good coffee and great food are easy to find.

The crew would like to thank Alanis for bringing "The Junkie Tour" to Quebec City.

  • Today's JAM Reporter: Chantal
  • Today's Charity - Hebergement Jeunesse Sainte-Foy - a non-profit, community-based organization helping the adolescent population in Quebec City.

     Here's the Coliseum lineup:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    Catherine Durand 7:30 pm
    Crash Test Dummies 8:20 pm
    Alanis 9:30 pm

    French translation by John Brown

    Local Quebec Shots

    Concert Review

    This has been a day to remember! Our wildest dream...meeting Alanis in person was about to come true. She's been a true inspiration on conceptualizing our true passion, let it be music, arts, science... She's an example of materializing our beliefs, our morals without ever shaming ourselves away from them!

     It was a long day anticipating this frozen moment, one that will surely stay with us forever. So here are a few words that will hopefully bring you visually into the dressing room where we met Alanis and of the concert that followed.

     We were with over 30 other people waiting impatiently not knowing how her presence would affect the atmosphere. Unexpectedly, she walked in with her "entourage". We were told that she would come see us last but to our surprise, she came to us first. She signed autographs as we exchanged words on music. We took pictures with her and she then moved on to the rest of the guests. By the time the meet and greet ended the Crash Test Dummies had ended their set so we don't have any pictures of their performance.

     Shortly after the meet and greet we returned to the "photo pit" in front of the stage with the other photographers and once Alanis arrived we took as many pictures as we could during the first three songs. The minute she put one foot on the stage the energy that was building inside her was released into this musical trance. The peaceful person we had met moments ago turned into this "infatuated jagged little pill" unaware of her surroundings but always reaching out "inviting" us into her world. I guess we can compare this to our photo journalist role since during those first three songs we weren't conscious of how close we were to her and of the music playing in our ears.

     The simple drapes, the magnificent tree of life in the background and the simplicity of the stage complemented her performance. If you've seen her show, yes indeed....she does throw green apples into the crowd. Maybe there's something with that tree of life!

     Ce fut un moment inoubliable! Nous tenons a remercier Canoe, Ross, Alanis et son equipe.

     We had a great time! Thanks to Canoe, Ross, Alanis and her crew.

     Eternally grateful!!!

    -- Chantal et Philip

    Concert Shots

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