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Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan Place

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Lights, guitars, drums, cables - everything goes in a road case. Cases are marked with important logistical information to suggest this case goes here or this case goes in Truck # 2 after the show. Here's just a few of the important and not so important markings you'll find on cases around here.

  • Today's JAM Reporter: Allison
  • Today's Charity - The Saskatoon Preschool Foundation (Operates fully funded preschool programs in Saskatoon inner city community schools, with the mission of ensuring that the preschool experience is available to all needy children).

     Here's the Sask Place lineup:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    Kinnie Starr 7:00 pm
    Wide Mouth Mason 7:50 pm
    Alanis Morissette 9:00 pm

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    Concert Review

    Thank You!

     We arrived early at SaskPlace to meet Ross which was beneficial 'cause we beat the mad traffic rush. We hooked up with Ross at the front entrance and we received our passes/tickets. Next, we did a walkabout and located our seats. We were very excited at this point because it was starting to sink in that we were going to meet Alanis.

     The first set was Kinnie Starr and we practiced with the digital camera. We got to go in the front of the stage and watch the first three numbers. It was over before we knew it and we were rushed out back into the audience. When this set was over, we shopping at the merchandise table and purchased a few items.

     By this point, we were soon to meet Alanis at the meet and greet. I felt like there were a million butterflies in my stomach but if someone were to check, there might have been only a hundred. We are now at the meeting room, it was very stuffy and hot. Other excited guests arrived and we started to take deep breaths before we passed out with excitement. Alanis came into the room and she seemed very personable. Even though Alanis is a mega superstar, we felt very comfortable around her.

     While we were at the meet and greet, we could hear local faves Wide Mouth Mason starting their set. Our feet started tapping. After the M & G with Alanis we managed to get back to our seats for last few songs. We can't wait to watch Wide Mouth Mason's full set at this summer's Edgefest! They are awesome!

     Our next venture was taking pictures while Alanis sang her first three songs. Among fellow reporters, we were able to actually touch the stage while others behind us were wondering what we were up to. We ran out of camera disk space, so I guess one could say, we were a little snap happy. We went back to our seats and watched the rest of the show. My favorite songs she played were You Learn, Uninvited, You Oughta Know, Ironic, Unsent and Thank You. Alanis had the crowd in hysteria with the songs from Jagged Little Pill. We're really happy "the junkie tour" made an appearance in Saskatoon. The last time Alanis toured in Canada (Summer of '96) we drove to Edmonton to see "the jagged little pill" show.

     The show tonight was very kewl and we recommend that everyone see Alanis on this tour!!! We would like to thank Alanis, the production team,, Ross and Warner Music for allowing us this once in a lifetime opportunity.

     Your Saskatoon reporter, Allison and Deanna

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