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Sudbury, ON Sudbury Arena

Daily Report

Fresh from an 18-hour drive from sudbury, the buses and trucks arrived in Sudbury between 9 pm and 1 am last night. The load-in started as usual at 8 am this morning. Sudbury is bright and relatively warm today and this eases the weariness of the long journey.

The VCRs and Satellite TVs were constant companions during our scenic drive from The Peg. We caught some of the Leafs game, Starship Troopers, Doctor Strangelove, Apollo 13 and many episodes of Absolutely Fabulous.

Every once in a while we looked out the windows to take in the breathtaking Northern Ontario scenery. Some of us were even awake to see the fire forest carnage around Marathon. By Wawa everyone was awake to take in the budding spring in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

  • Today's JAM Reporter: Ken
  • Today's Charity - YWCA Genevra House (a 24-hour emergency shelter for women and their children, who are victims of assault and abuse from their partners).

     Here's the Sudbury lineup:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    BTK 7:00 pm
    Crash Test Dummies 7:50 pm
    Alanis 9:00 pm

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    Concert Review

    This can only be described as the greatest night of my life. I've been waiting for this moment for the last three years. Finally it was happening!! My excitement was keeping me up for the last week and the concert was as excellent, if not better than I ever expected.

     At 7:00 B.T.K started off the show, and they seemed glad to be back in Sudbury. Alanis was also excited to be in Sudbury. I heard on the car ride over, on the radio, that once offered the choice to come perform in Sudbury, she accepted right away and she has friends here.

     After B.T.K performed I had the chance to meet Miss Thing herself. When she walked into the room to greet everyone, I was amazed with her overwhelming beauty. She was shorter than I would have expected and as pretty as I've ever seen her on the television or in pictures. She was dressed in dark blue jeans and a blue top. Her hair was braided. My experience meeting her was not as I would have expected. I've always pictured us meeting and just instantly falling into a deep conversation about life and love. But instead it was more of a "Hello," then she signed her signature, posed for a picture with my sister Jen and myself and then was on to the next person. Don't get me wrong, it couldn't have been more perfect. I was just glad knowing I was in the same city as her and my dreams were coming true.

     After the great show the Crash Test Dummies put on, it was only minutes away until Alanis performed. The crowd was going wild waiting for Alanis. The wave was constantly circling the sold out arena as fans shouted out her name.

     She appeared on stage dressed now in her skirt/pants and gold and black top. She was amazing during the performance as she twisted and turned as her hair flung around her face. The crowd was even more impressed with the show's great music. Whenever she blew into her harmonica or wailed on a guitar the arena became even more alive. One of the best moments of the night had to be the long introduction to Uninvited played by her talented keyboardist Deron , who awed the crowd as Alanis herself sat facing him on the stage. Hundreds of lit lighters surrounded the entire arena. Other highlights included the not one but two encores. During the last encore the words written on her C.D cover served as a new backdrop and the band moved in close to Alanis as she sat cross-legged on a wooden chair.

     While most were watching Alanis, the back screen had a large involvement in the show. For different songs there was different images portrayed on the screen. For one song it was her running into the sunset, another was just a long close-up of held hands. During "One" it showed close-ups of different faces and the best one was a snowboarding video game. This was definitely a night I will always remember and tell my children and my children's children about.

    -- Ken

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