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Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg Arena

Daily Report

Yesterday's Winnipeg welcome was not warm and sunny. Instead we were greeted with overcast skies and the famous Portage and Main winds. Many folks lost their baseball caps when they rounded corners into gale force winds. In spite of less than stellar day-off weather everyone enjoyed the brief time away from the arenas and buses. Besides this is Winnipeg and there is something special about being at beginning (or end) of the Western Canada, it all depends on what direction you are heading. It our case this is our last stop in the West.

For at least six thousand years people have lived and traded where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet The Forks. Today the forks are more of a time machine and tourist destination than anything else. The rivers still flow (and occasionally flood) but they haven't carried serious commercial traffic in one hundred years. Big old Union Station, the former travel hub of Western Canada seems ghostly quiet as passenger train service across this country is hardly what it once was. But when you stand inches from fork of these rivers it is easy to imagine what was once the foundation of Winnipeg. For anyone with an once of nostalgia this is the place to see in Winnipeg. Here's the Winnipeg schedule.

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  • Today's Charity - Winnipeg Harvest. Winnipeg Harvest provides food and shelter for homeless and low-income families in Winnipeg.

     Here's the Winnipeg lineup:

    Doors 6:00 pm
    Emm Gryner 7:00 pm
    Crash Test Dummies 7:50 pm
    Alanis Morissette 9:00 pm

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    Concert Review

    Alanis Morissette is creating a generation of addicts. First with Jagged Little Pill and now with her Junkie tour, the country's reigning queen of inspired pop has shown that Canadians just can't get enough.

     The Divine Miss M gave the relatively tame crowd of 7,000 in the Winnipeg Arena the fix they were craving. Morissette opened her 90-minute set with tunes from her latest disc, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie; but it was the inclusion of the older tunes -- Hand In My Pocket, You Learn and You Oughta Know -- that had the crowd on their feet.

     Moments before the show, Morissette entertained a small group of contest winners backstage while Winnipeg's own Crash Test Dummies followed opening act Emm Gryner. Contrary to a Dummies tune, God Doesn't Shuffle Her Feet, Morissette, who plays the Almighty in the forthcoming flick Dogma, entered the room with an overwhelming energy, and a peacefulness characteristic of her cinematic alter ego.

     On stage, Morissette displayed the same type of confidence and charisma as she did during the meet and greet: spinning wildly to some songs; letting the music overcome her during others. The crowd lapped up every last moan and convulsion, demanding two encores.

     But audience members may have wondered what Dummies frontman Brad Roberts was on when he closed their set with Baby One More Time, a Britney Spears cover, wearing little more than a black bra and a hot pink boa. Hometown heroes, CTD, are scheduled to open the rest of the Canadian shows on the Junkie Tour.

     Gryner, a cross between Chantal Kreviazuk and Tori Amos, provided a show highlight of her own. In lieu of the fact that Gryner wouldn't be able to wish her mom a happy mother's day in person, she did the next best thing and had "a few thousand friends" in the audience send their greetings via cell phone.

     Morissette's tour continues May 10 in Sudbury. On behalf of my guest, Chrissie, I'd like to say Thank U to everyone who made this experience possible: Alanis, Warner Music and of course, the very patient Canoe crew.(That means you, Ross!!!)

    Concert Shots

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