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August is laughing across the sky
Laughing while paddle, canoe and I,
Drift, drift,
Where the hills uplift
On either side of the current swift.

Be strong, O paddle!
Be brave, canoe!
The reckless waves
you must plunge into.
Reel, reel.
On your trembling keel,
But never a fear my craft will feel.
Song: My Paddle Sings, E. Pauline Johnson
Anyone who says they like portaging is either a liar or crazyBill Mason 1929-1988
Tu es mon compagnon de voyage!
Je veux mourir dans mon canot
Sur le tombeau, près du rivage,
Vous renverserez mon canot

When I must leave the great river
O bury me close to its wave
And let my canoe and my paddle
Be the only mark over my grave
From 'Mon Canoe d'écorce' ('My Bark Canoe') translated by Frank Oliver Call
Take everything as it comes; the wave passes, deal with the next oneTom Thomson, 1877-1917
What sets a canoeing expedition apart is that it purifies you more rapidly and inescapably than any other travel. Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature.Pierre Elliott Trudeau
I think it much better that, as we all go along together, that every man paddle his own canoeCharacter of 'The Indian' in The Settlers in Canada by Captain Marryat (1844)
For 24 years I was a light canoeman. I required but little sleep, but sometimes got less than I required. No portage was too long for me; all portages were alike. My end of the canoe never touched the ground 'til I saw the end of it. Fifty songs a day were nothing to me. I could carry, paddle, walk and sing with any man I ever saw... I pushed on - over rapeds, over cascades, over chutes; all were the same to me. No water, no weather ever stopped the paddle or the song... There is no life so happy as a voyageur's life; none so independent; no place where a man enjoys so much variety and freedom as in the Indian country. Huzza, huzza pour le pays sauvage! anonymous coureur-de-bois quoted by a Hudson's Bay Co. historian
Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeingHenry David Thoreau
Just like a coffin clapt in a canoeLord Byron
What the camel is to desert tribes, what the horse is to the Arab, what the ship is to the colonizing Briton, what all modern means of locomotion are to the civilized world today, that, and more than that, the canoe was to the Indian who lived beside the innumerable waterways of Canada. William Wood
A canoe is a canoe is a canoeAnonymous
The hardest thing to build was the canoe. The man who could make a canoe was very happy because the people depended on it so muchJohn Kawapit
If there's a place, Canoe thereBrent Kelly
A true Canadian is one who can make love in a canoe without tippingPierre Berton
Love many, trust a few, and always paddle your own canoebumper sticker
Canoeists and other primitive-trippers are not delighted to encounter others intent on the same private experience. How many visitors constitute the end of wilderness? John A. Livingston
Anyone can make love in a canoe, it's a Canadian who knows enough to take out the centre thwart!Philip Chester
Had I done it alone by canoe I might have boasted a little.Sergeant Farrar, RCMP, 3rd mate aboard the St. Roch, first vessel to circumnavigate N. America
Give me a good canoe, a pair of Jibway snowshoes, my beaver, my family and 10,000 square miles of wilderness and I am happyArchibald Belaney, aka Grey Owl
To canoe is to be movedDoug E. Bell
One night a young amourous Sioux
Had a date with a maiden he knew
The coroner found
The couple had drowned
Making love in a leaky canioux
The romantic life of each colony also has a special flavour - Australian rhyme is a poetry of the horse; Canadian, of the canoeWilliam Douw Lighthall
I have no life to bother me wife,
No lover to keep me true,
All day long I laugh at this song,
And paddle my own canoe
The Brigadoons
Martinstown, Ont.
BOGART: "How'd you like it?"
HEPBURN: "Like it?!"

BOGART: "Whitewater rapids!"
HEPBURN: "I never dreamed..."

BOGART: "I don't blame you for being scared - not one bit. Nobody with good sense ain't scared of Whitewater..."
HEPBURN: "I never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating"
from the movie, THE AFRICAN QUEEN
There is nothing, absolutely nothing
Half so much worth doing
As simply messing about in boats
"Wind in the Willows"
.".. and to any others who have felt the thrill of the back country and still long to explore what might lie just around the next bend. I know of no better way of doing just that, than having a fine canoe under one's seat, a sleek paddle in one's hand, a little bug dope in your pocket, and a harmonica near the top of your pack."
Book dedication from Kenai Canoe Trails by Daniel Quick
It is difficult to find in life any event which so effectually condenses nervous sensation into the shortest possible space of time as does the work of shooting, or running an immense rapid. There is no toil, no heart-breaking labour about it, but as much coolness, dexterity, and skill as a man can throw into the work of hand, eye, and head; knowledge of when to strike and how to do it; knowledge of water and rock, and of the one hundred combinations which rock and water can assume- for these two things, rock and water, taken in the abstract, fail as completely to convey any idea of their fierce embracings in the throes of a rapid as the fire burning quietly in a drawing-room fireplace fails to convey the idea of a house wrapped and sheeted in flames. Sir William Francis Butler, (key figure with the North West Mounted Police) in The Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West of America (1872)


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