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Toni and Trish Sherwood make up the Canadian pop group 11:30, whose hit song "Olè Olè" can be found on their album of the same name. Below, Toni passes along a few of the fashion tips the sisters picked up from posing for their album cover.

If we could say in a word what really gets us excited, it would have to be hiphuggers. Basically we like to wear hiphugger jeans with a nice top.

I lean more towards flares, and Trish [Toni's twin] is hot on bootlegs.

Toni and Trish Sherwood in their very fashionable clothes for the cover of their album, "Olè Olè".

We like tight tops with flashy colours or accessories like rhinestones and glitter. We also really like nice sexy sweaters or turtlenecks, because sometimes it gets very cold in Montreal!

The clothes we wear on the album cover were really fun and new to us. I had always wanted to wear a skirt, which I normally never do, and Trish wanted some really hot Capri pants, as they were the fresh new style at the time.

Trish's tube top was great, and in fact designer Claudella Gilles designed all our clothes specifically for us. She's very hip and really pushes our sense of style.

Our shoes were a highlight, as we can't get enough of them! Mine are by Browns, and Trish is sporting Aldo. We love the way we look on the cover of the album and think that it retains sexiness without compromising our fun style.

As far as a piece of clothing that we couldn't simply live without, it would have to be our hiphugger pants and jeans. We wear them everywhere! They are cotton and polyester stretch and look good whether we're dressing up or getting down.

On stage we like to wear rhinestone belts to complement the hiphuggers and cowboy hats. Anything goes on stage, so the flashier the better!

We came across a look that suited us just by experimenting. We've both dressed like rockers, hip-hoppers and everything in between. Now we try and kind of blend our favourite stuff together to get something funky that suits us.

The key is to always be willing to change and try new things. If you're not happy with your look -- change it! That's what clothes are for: to express yourself and have fun doing it.

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