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News Tuesday, April 25, 2000

McMaster & James chat with AllPop readers

Rob James and Luke McMaster took some time out of their busy schedule to talk to readers on Tuesday, April 25. The boys talked about everything from girlfriends to Eminem making fun of the pop music scene. Below is a full transcript of the chat.

McMaster & James The chat session will begin in a moment...

Anonymous: Hey guys...I love you so much! I saw you open for an N Sync show and I've been obsessed ever since! Anyways, I was wondering what (or who) inspired you to write the song "One Emotion"? It's beautiful, you guys are very talented! Thanx! Michelle

McMaster & James Rob: Thank you very much. One Emotion is one of our favourite songs. The music for One Emotion was written first. And it conjured up all kinds of feelings of longing and hmmm...It was just that kind of a song.

Chantel: If you guys weren't doing what your doing now, what would your choices be as far as careers?

McMaster & James Rob: I wanted to be an astronaut. I always wanted to go into space. I was always fascinated by astronomy and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Luke: I would probably have been creative. Probably writing something like short stories or books. Rob: Music can be a combination of stories and poetry. Luke: I took creative writing and English courses, because that's the only thing I was good at. Rob: I was a science geek. I still am.

Anonymous: How do you both handle being away from your friends and family when you're on tour? Luv always, Courtney Stang St. Albert, Alberta

McMaster & James Luke: Not always very well. We spend a lot of time on the phone. It actually ended a relationship that I had had. So it can be really tough. Family members are really angry at me because I haven't returned their calls. You do your best. It sounds strange, but sometimes I will just throw on my Discman and listen to music. Preferably a little more relaxing.

Anonymous: Luke and Rob, What was your most embarrassing moment on stage? From, Stacey

McMaster & James Luke: It is hard to single out just one of those.There was one time my pants nearly fell down because I had really loose pants on, and I had on a piece of equipment for monitors in your ears. I didn't realise the problem with it. Rob: There was one time at a Christmas program that I was up onstage and I sang, and sometimes I realise my fly has been open the whole time. That has only happened once.

Lindsey Lloyd A.K.A. ~*LYNZ*~: Hey Luke & Rob! I was just wondering how your tour with Prozzak & soulDecision went? Did Prozzak pull any pranks you guys like they did soulDecision on your final show in London, Ontario? :o) Thanks For Your Time!

McMaster & James Luke: It was a really great time. Everyone was a lot of fun to hang out with. And they did play some pranks on us on our last show, where they had a giant video screen behind us that Prozzak used. And they started showing Richard Simmons during our set, Sweating to the Oldies. Rob: I didn't notice at all. Luke: We just started doing the Sweating To The Oldies routine.

Christine: How significantly has fame changed the way you now live your lives?

McMaster & James Rob: I don't go to the mall as much anymore. But other than that, it hasn't really Luke: You definitely meet a lot more people.Winnipeg is not really a place where people are star-struck. Once at an airport we got kind of mobbed. Rob: It was a bunch of students heading to Europe and they had really encouraging things to say. It was all good.

Anonymous: Who are they touring with next?? When are they coming back (again) to Winnipeg?

McMaster & James Our next stop is in Vancouver. We're shooting a one hour television special for CTV for sometime in the early fall. We're doing a lot of festivals this summer. And we're also touring with Christina Aguilera. It should be fun.

Anonymous: Rumour has it that you may be taking residence in Vancouver is there any truth to this?

McMaster & James No. There's not much truth in that one. Vancouver is a very nice city, though

colourfish: where were you born and where did you go to school(high school or college)? how did you two come together?

McMaster & James We're both born in Winnipeg. Rob went to school in Winnipeg. Luke was in Brandon. We just met at a local studio, we were both kind of ... we just ran into each other one day.

Tenille: Rob and Luke, I love you guys, I've seen you in concert twice and you guys put on an amazing show! My question is, are you planning on doing your own headlining show in Canada soon? Thanks

McMaster & James Hopefully soon. It is very hard to say right now. We love that idea, but it takes time to build up enough of a following.

Mickey: Hello Boys! I was just wondering if you ever surf such fan sites as to see what the press and fans are writing about you?

McMaster & James Yes. There are a lot of sites people have set up. Everybody has got their own unique perspective on everything. We have our own email address ( and we answer mail there.

SaraRobb88: What is your favourite song to perform?

McMaster & James Probably I Understand. It is just really powerful and it gets a good connection.


McMaster & James Both have been shot in Toronto, so far. That's where the production crews and directors are based.

In Vancouver: Dear Luke and Rob Malina and Debra were wondering when we could expect your next CD or video

McMaster & James Next video probably in June. It will probably be I Understand. Next CD, probably in a year or a year and a half. We have got a lot of material written.

Anonymous: I want to know if it was hard to sing Thank You in French? and there will be in single of this song soon? Fan from Quebec, Nok

McMaster & James We have both sung in French before. Hopefully we'll release the French version as a single, but we're not sure.

Margot Wright: How do you incorporate your philosophies of life into your music?

McMaster & James It is a completely natural thing. it varies. Sometimes you look back on a song and it is like, wow. That is totally where I was at at that time in life. There are many different philosophies. Love wins Every time.

Anonymous: If you could give advice to all the people wanting to get into the music business what would it be? Aideen

McMaster & James I would say treat it like a business, not a hobby. it takes a lot of work, just like anything else. You have to have a plan and you have to set goals and treat it like that. It was always grilled into our heads by my parents to treat it that way. You get to know a lot of different bands and you get to see what works and what doesn't;t.

Katie: Do either of you foresee yourselves going solo in the future?

McMaster & James Haven't really thought about it. We were both doing solo things before and they didn't work.

SaraRobb88: If you could put together your own tour with yourself and any other bands/artists who would they be?

McMaster & James You could get your favourite band to open for you or you could give an up and coming artist a chance. If it was our favourite band, probably U2. Maybe a local band that is just getting started. We would definitely be interested in doing that, in putting something back into it.

Quol: Do you think Napster will ultimately hurt or help the music industry?

McMaster & James I think it depends on your perspective. It probably does a bit of both (helping attract new fans, but hurting record sales) for us right now. We don't know a whole lot about it.

Janis Nixon: This is a two part question. 1) What's your biggest accomplishment to date? 2) What do you like best about being celebrities?

McMaster & James Our biggest accomplishment is just getting two singles into the top 20. We're not really celebrities. Sometimes you don't have to wait in line.

Anonymous: hey my name is kate-lynne and i was just wondering do u guys have girlfriends, and what are your guys fav color well bye luv ya kate-lynne

McMaster & James Rob: Yes, I have a girlfriend. Blue is my favourite color. Luke: No girlfriend. Yellow mixed with purple and brown.

McMaster & James The boys have taken a brief time-out. Stand by!

Myrone from Winnipeg: On the latest Eminem single "The real slim shady" he disses a lot of people for example "POP MUSIC" "Boy Bands" considering you make pop music do you take offence to that statement from Eminem and Do you think that Pop music is taking over and flooding main stream music a little too much???

McMaster & James Luke: I think comments like that in songs or by other artists are very hypocritical. I especially challenge Eminem to a fistfight! Rob: I personally think that you are allowed to express yourself in any way you want. I just don't think, I don't personally have a problem with him saying anything like that.

Karen: It is thought that to receive notoriety Canadian artists(singers, actors, etc.) need to achieve success in the U.S. How do you feel about this? Do you think this is a true statement?

McMaster & James That depends on your definition of success. Our definition is to make a career for ourselves doing what we love to do for a long time. Of course, we want to make it everywhere. You can be very successful in Canada, though.


McMaster & James We don't take any dance classes and we do our own choreography.

McMaster & James We'd like to take dance lessons one day and get a choreographer.

Chad Mitchell: Is the music business as dirty as they say it is? Have you had any bad experiences?

McMaster & James WE have had a pretty good overall experience so far. Our only bad experiences have been at some clubs we play at. Death threats, projectiles, beer bottles. Nobody has been hurt, though.

Ashley from Are you even going to film a video in Winnipeg? If yes, can I be an extra? *L*

McMaster & James We would love to do a video here. But of course, we have to go with the best producer for the song. They make those decisions. The TV show this weekend we're shooting, they need an audience and fans are able to be in on that. But for a video for fans to be in, we're working on it.

Linda M.: What artists do you guys like to listen to? Thanks :)

McMaster & James Rob: I really like Seal, the new Angie Stone, Stevie Wonder and Luke: I'm a big Radiohead fan. Anything old, oldschool Motown stuff. And Eminem.

SaraRobb88: Where is your favourite place to perform?

McMaster & James The shower. My favourite concerts in arenas.

Iris_akaRobjamesgirl:'s iris..from toronto.. Deb and I LUV and Miss you TONS!!! my question is: What is the craziest/weirdest/most memorable thing a fan has given to you/said to you/done to see you/made you do?

McMaster & James I had a fan who gave me a key on a chain, she said it was the key to her heart.

McMaster & James We also got a pair of socks. Just dirty socks.

McMaster & James We got a couple of puppets at the last show. A duck puppet.

McMaster & James Time to go. We want to say THAAAAANK-You, we really appreciate the support you all give us. We'll see you at some of the shows we're doing this summer!

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