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Wednesday, February 23, 2000

McMaster & James provide funky pop


McMaster & James
McMaster & James

This debut album from pop duo Luke McMaster and Rob James is pop music for grown-ups and teens.

The songs are a funky version of typical boy-band pop. "Love Wins Everytime" is the catchy single, which has just enough Ricky Martin edge to help it stand out from pop copy-cats.

"Doin' My Thing" is a good dance number that would be fun to listen to on the way to the beach in the summer. There are, however, some less enjoyable tracks, especially "Never Gave Up", which is boring and bland and should just be skipped altogether.

If sweet sappiness is what you crave, "It Must Be Love's" funky lovey-doveyness is preferable to the slow pace of "Never Gave Up".

If you're weary of pop groups that sound so much alike they're as dull as vanilla ice-cream, this album is worth picking up.

Track Listing

1. Love Wins Everytime
2. I Understand
3. Never Gave Up
4. Sweet Sensation
5. There Will Never Be Another
6. Doin' My Thing
7. Don't Hold Back Your Love
8. It Must Be Love
9. One Emotion
10. Thank You

Album rating

3 out of 5