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  • Sunday, June 29, 1997

    Officials may withhold Tyson's money

    By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun
    LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada state boxing commission will withhold part of Mike Tyson's $30-million purse as a result of the fighter's deranged actions in the ring against Evander Holyfield last night.
      Commission chair Dr. Elias Ghanem also said an emergency meeting will be held Tuesday to determine the extent of Iron Mike's suspension from boxing. Ghanem wouldn't speculate, but there is word the former undisputed champion, who was disqualified for biting both of Holyfield's ears, could be suspended indefinitely.
      The commission will withhold $3 million of the purse, the most it legally can hold back.
      Legal action could proceed against Tyson after he allegedly took a swing at a Las Vegas police officer during the wild post-fight brawl. As of last night, Vegas police had not laid any charges.
      As for whether any of Tyson's actions represented a violation of his parole -- Tyson was convicted on rape charges in 1991 and served three years in a penitentiary -- Ghanem said that is the jurisdiction of the Nevada attorney general's office.
      Not surprisingly, Tyson's promoter, Don King, defended his fighter and blamed Holyfield's head-butts for Iron Mike's behavior.
      "They should be paid," said King of the two boxers. "They came and fought."
      CENTURY MARK FOR CHAVEZ: A milestone victory for Julio Cesar Chavez -- his 100th professional win -- was met with a collective yawn last night.
      Chavez, at veteran of 18 years in prize fighting, earned a unanimous but uninspiring decision over Hastings, Minn., journeyman Larry La Coursiere, who spent all 10 rounds running away from the Mexican legend.
      A native of Culican, Mexico, Chavez has won six world titles in three different weight classes and sports a pro mark of 100-2-1.
      Chavez did his best to pin La Coursiere down, but the American, 22-7-1, seemed more interested in simply surviving.
      CRAZY FOR CHRISTY: Christy Martin, 32-1-2, maintained her reputation as the best female boxer in the world last night with a seventh-round technical knockout against a game Andrea Deshong, 13-5-1. The bout represented a rubber match for the two.
      Martin's entourage included Toronto fighters Donovan Boucher, a former Commonwealth welterweight champion, and Howard Green.

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