Made-in-Canada idea saving U.S. soldiers' lives

Stryker ICV, DVH.

Stryker ICV, DVH.

Norman De Bono, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 6:27 PM ET

A made-in-Canada idea is saving American soldiers' lives.

Defence giant General Dynamics Land Systems, which builds military vehicles in London, Ont., is in the midst of replacing flat-bottomed hulls on its Stryker armoured vehicle fleet with a double-V hull, or DVH -- the brainchild of a local engineer.

The new design, with the vehicle's bottom shaped like two large Vs, deflects roadside mine blasts from the vehicle's vulnerable underbelly better than a traditional flat-bottomed underside.

Already, the U.S. Army has found "the number of injuries and fatalities dropped dramatically,” it said in a recently issued report on the new design for the Stryker -- used in combat for about 18 months now -- under fighting conditions.