Zellers workers ask Target for fairness

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QMI Agency File

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More than 1,500 Zellers workers who work at 12 stores across Ontario have ratified a new three-year collective agreement. The deal includes wage increases and enhanced severance pay in the case of a store closure.

According to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), four of the Zellers stores covered by the collective agreement will be converting to Target. The unionized Target stores are located in Toronto, Oshawa and Brantford. A fifth unionized store in Windsor, which was also purchased by Target, will be converting to a Sobeys.

UFCW Canada is a partner in a worker-led campaign aimed to reaching out to communities affected by Target conversions, and is asking the hugely popular American retailer to guarantee that Zellers workers will continue to be employed in their stores once the takeovers have occurred.

“Target will soon be hiring in Canada and that is a good thing. But Target can be an even stronger force in our community by giving Zellers workers the respect they deserve. With the support of people who ask Target for Fairness, the company can become a leader in Canada for creating better, fairer jobs that benefit our communities today and well into the future,” the union says on its website.

Earlier this month, Zellers workers across the country launched a new campaign and website when hiring new employees.