Got a tax refund? Invest it in yourself



Joanne Richard, Special to QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 5:11 PM ET

You're doing the happy dance because you're getting a tax refund. Well, dance some more because motivational speaker Steve Siebold says you should spend it, not save it.

Siebold says you should follow the example set by rich people and get a return on your return. Invest in yourself.

Dumping the average refund into a bank account won't make a significant impact in terms of the big picture. "It's like attempting to bail water from the Titanic ... saving or investing $3,000 isn't going to even make a dent."

Siebold suggests thinking like a rich person. The average Joe is taught to focus on saving money, while the rich learn to focus on earning money.

Following conventional wisdom about saving money will keep you broke. "Rich people rarely follow conventional wisdom when it comes to money," says Siebold.

He offers the following "think rich" strategies to make the most of that return: