Coca-Cola comes up with a twist for freshman introductions

"Coca-Cola Friendly Twist" video screenshot. (2014 YouTube, LLC/Coca-Cola)


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The first few days of college can be a nerve-racking experience... how do you break the ice when you don't know a single person on campus?

According to Coca-Cola, the secret lies in a soda bottle which cannot be opened without help.

The brand developed a new type of packaging called "The Friendly Twist," which features a cap that must be interlocked with another in order to twist open.

As well as selling double the amount of soda, the concept for Colombia also means that students have to talk to each other in order to get to their refreshment.

"Open a Coke, open a new friendship," reads the ad campaign slogan.

Created by the Leo Burnett Colombia ad agency, an accompanying video shows students on campus interacting thanks to the tricky bottle design.

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