Tax Freedom Day keeps getting later in the year, report says

(Darren Brown/QMI Agency Photo Illustration)

(Darren Brown/QMI Agency Photo Illustration)

QMI Agency

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Tax Freedom Day — the day the average Canadian's total tax burden would be collected by all levels of government if it had to be paid up front — fell on Monday, one day later than last year, the Fraser Institute says.

The later in the year Tax Freedom Day falls, the heavier the tax burden, the report says.

"Without our Tax Freedom Day calculations, it's nearly impossible for Canadian families to know all the taxes they pay because governments levy such a wide range of taxes including income taxes, payroll taxes, health taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, fuel taxes, vehicle taxes, profit taxes, import taxes, 'sin' taxes on liquor and tobacco, and more," co-author of the report Charles Lammam said in a press release.

"The delay in Tax Freedom Day this year continues a trend of delays since 2009 when it fell on June 3."