Regulate roaming charges further, Quebecor CEO says

Quebecor CEO Pierre Dion. (FREDERIC AUCLAIR/QMI Agency)

Quebecor CEO Pierre Dion. (FREDERIC AUCLAIR/QMI Agency)

Carl Renaud, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 3:19 PM ET

MONTREAL – Communications company Quebecor Inc. needs support from Ottawa to deploy its mobile telephone network across Canada.

Quebecor CEO Pierre Dion, whose company owns QMI Agency and Sun Media, said a national expansion would only be profitable if Ottawa further regulates roaming charges.

"We want to become the fourth player but we would like the government to take a position (for us) to be on the same footing with the other main players," Dion said prior to a shareholders' meeting in Montreal.

Quebecor's wireless branch, Videotron, offers services in Quebec only. Videotron users are hit with roaming charges when they leave the province.

Under CRTC rules implemented last year, wireless companies are subject to a $50 a month cap on data overage charges, and a $100 a month cap on international data roaming charges.

Consumer advocates have suggested the CRTC's wireless rules code could have gone even further to protect customers.