Most interesting ads of the week

Orangina's special anti-soccer can. (all rights reserved)

Orangina's special anti-soccer can. (all rights reserved)


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Orangina comes up with a way for football-haters to get their own back during the World Cup, a teenager regrets faking her period and Pantene urges women to stop apologizing. Here is our round-up of the most interesting ad campaign videos this week.

The Antifoot Can by Orangina Miss O!

Are you sick of the World Cup already? Orangina "Miss O" unveiled the "Anti-football" campaign, featuring a fun promotional drinks can which has the power to switch off the soccer match on any TV set, thanks to a simple button discreetly hidden in the base.

First Moon Party

This wickedly funny commercial for Hello Flo sees a young girl fake her period, only to have her suspicious Mom throw her a "first moon party" as revenge.

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

Hair care brand Pantene is hoping to inspire women with its latest campaign #ShineStrong. The ad highlights the ways in which women implicitly undersell themselves by apologizing when unnecessary.