January 31, 2013
Canada moves to change rules of Royal succession
By David Akin, Parliamentary Bureau Chief

Britain's Prince William (L) and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit Cambridge, central England November 28, 2012. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

OTTAWA If Kate and Will have a baby girl this summer, Canada is ready to let her one day wear the Maple Crown.

The 'Maple Crown' is a nickname often used for the monarch of Canada who has always been, of course, the monarch of Great Britain and 14 other 'realms' of the British Empire.

But the rules of succession in Canada and in all those realms favour male heirs over female ones and also contain various marriage restrictions for those in line to the throne.

Now, with the full backing of the current holder of the Maple Crown, Queen Elizabeth II, those rules are going to be changed.

"This is a modernization that makes perfect sense," Heritage Minister James Moore said Thursday.

Moore introduced legislation in the House of Commons to formally make the change. He called the legislation "pretty straight forward."

So, if Kate and Will do have a baby girl this summer and then later have a boy, the older sister will maintain her place in line for the throne ahead of the younger brother.