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March 4, 2005

Happy Birthday to us!
Nine years of CANOEing, and counting

Welcome to the CANOE History section. The web site you're visiting is nine years old today and we thank you for stopping by, each and every day of the year. It's our mission at CANOE to keep you informed and entertained and to make your life easier with a variety of tools and features.

It's been another wonderful year for CANOE. Over the past 12 months, we've redesigned our JAM! Showbiz channel and our Shop.Canoe section, added the WHAM! gaming section, launched our Jobboom careers site, and made a longstanding partner, Canadian Parents Online, officially part of the family -- with an updated design, CPO is now part of the Lifewise channel in CANOE.

We've also established new partnerships with several of Canada's favourite magazines, including Fashion Magazine, Fashion 18, Wedding Bells, Wish and Canadian Homes and Cottages.

And, as of today, we are launching a brand new logo to enter into our 10th year.

At the tender age of nine, CANOE may be just a youngster in regular people-years, but it's a seasoned veteran in the Internet media world. The site's founders (who conjured up the name "CANOE" as an innovative short form of "CANadian Online Explorer") could not have known what they were in for when they ventured into the mysterious world of the Internet waaaaaaaaaaay back in 1996.

As it evolved over the years it became much more than just a simple collection of news and features. The site expanded in all directions, with new channels, new features, new tools, new services, new shops and new partnerships -- to the point today where there are literally over a million pages in both official languages on our network for your reading pleasure. As one of our earlier advertising campaigns proudly boasted, "it's amazing what you can get in a CANOE!"

Things are still changing rapidly in this business, but we still have many staff members who have been with CANOE since Day One. They remember all the many twists and turns along the way, and we're thankful every day for their loyalty and their accumulated wisdom. Along the way we have also been joined by many new, talented people and today the combination of experience and new ideas is our recipe for success.

Through it all, our number one priority was to ensure that we served our readers as well as we could, and we are also constantly thankful to you for being part of the "CANOE family" as well.

Today, you've made us Canada's top destination for online news and information -- each month, six million Canadians visit the CANOE Network.

Coming up in the near future, look out for a redesigned C-Health channel as well as a new look for the CANOE home page. We also look forward to working closely with our friends at sister companies Sun Media and the Toronto-One television channel in many new and innovative endeavours in the weeks and months to come.

As we look ahead, there are many more developments in the works that will allow us to serve you even better. We aim to have a good reason for every Canadian to come to CANOE, from coast to coast to coast -- and around the world. Look for more content, more features and more fun in the year to come.

After nine years, I'm proud to say that CANOE is still here -- and stronger than ever.

Tim Kraan
Managing Editor