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Wayne Dyer: You are your greatest resource

Ellen Goldhar If you really want to positively influence your work-life, focus on the one factor that affects your success more than any other ... YOU.

And who better to give advice on making personal positive changes than the author of 15 best-selling self-development books, (including his newest book, Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace), speaker and frequent guest on numerous television and radio shows, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Dyer recently to get his perspective on some common workplace issues, and this is what he had to say: Ellen: What can people do to get noticed in their jobs?

Wayne: Being noticed really is unimportant. People put far too much attention on what others think. What matters most is what you think and how you feel in your job.

However, if getting noticed is what you want to accomplish, then the best way to do it is to not need to get noticed. Do what you do because you are detached from the outcome -- meaning, do what you love to do and would be doing regardless of the end product. When you truly enjoy what you do, you radiate that out and that gets noticed.
Dr. Wayne Dyer

The greatest athletes don't perform the way they do when they play because of the money; it's because of the passion they have for what they do. That's when and why they get noticed.

It's a real irony -- the less you care about being noticed, the more noticed you get.

So to be noticed, don't do things for the money, the promotion, or for any other reason than it's on purpose for you.

Ellen: What can people do to get on a more satisfying career path?

Wayne: First, I don't like the word "career" -- it pigeonholes us. You compartmentalize yourself into being and doing one thing -- "I am an ... accountant, writer, teacher, etc."

I have done many things in my life and don't identify with being or doing just one thing. Each of us can be/do anything at any time and have the potential to earn an income from it, too.

As for more satisfaction at work, look for things to appreciate. Be grateful for having a job rather than complaining about its content.

Depreciation makes you weak, appreciation makes you strong. If you continue to place your attention on what's wrong, you'll get more of exactly that.

I was in an orphanage from the time I was one until I was 10 years old. Even then, I always saw things for what they could be and focused on what good things were present. I never used it as an excuse or blamed anyone. I look at it as just one of those things I had to go through to get me where I am today.

Other things people can do to increase their work satisfaction are:
  • Have more silence;
  • Practise meditation;
  • Recognize what's right in your life;
  • Blame no one -- ever;
  • Don't complain.

    Ellen: What do you look for in the people you hire?

    Wayne: Someone who will never say, "It's not my job." I want that person to be positive, to share and possess a willingness to do anything. Many people come to a job interview with a wonderful list of all the things they'd be willing to do. I am more interested in what they are not willing to do.

    Their unwillingness to do things ends up being the biggest obstacle. I want someone with an unlimited attitude.

    For a chance to ask Wayne Dyer your questions, join us for my next online chat on Dec. 3 from noon to 1 p.m.

    Visit and click on the Career Connection icon for details. Wayne Dyer will be appearing live in Toronto on Dec. 7 through The Learning Annex. For more information, visit

    (Ellen Goldhar is manager, people development at Sun Media Corporation, Canada's second largest newspaper publishing company. Send questions and comments to

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