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Get job-search savvy

By Geoff Dillon
Special to The Toronto Sun

Job searches can be a frustrating experience especially in today's slow economic times. Geoff Dillon, marketing manager for staffing company The People Bank, provides a behind-the-scenes look at some useful job-hunt tips.

Newspaper ads: Companies often get hundreds of responses to just one ad these days. Companies also use newspaper ads because of their immediacy: they want results, and fast.

TIP: If your resume fits with the position requirements, take action right away. Chances are the employer will be so overwhelmed with responses after the first day of their ad, you may have little chance of landing the position if you are slow to react.

Internet job boards: Responses to Internet job postings often end up in a recruiter's e-mail. Some employers and recruiters receive up to 100 e-mails a day or more! To get your application noticed, send in your resume flagged as a high priority e-mail message to help move it to the top of the list.

TIP: Most e-mail programs display the most recent messages at the top of the screen, so send your resume during the workday when you are more likely to catch the recruiter at their desk. Early morning is also a good option. Don't send your resume the night before; your resume will be too far down the list by the time the recruiter shows up for work in the morning and may not be noticed.

Employment agencies: Employment agencies work for companies to locate and interview qualified applicants for available positions.

TIP: Keep in touch with your consultant from the employment agency if the job you applied for doesn't pan out. They are a great source of unadvertised job opportunities, which often means less competition for you if you land an interview through them.

Networking: 'Who you know' is still the best way to locate job opportunities. Companies look favorably upon referrals because it's a low cost, highly effective way to locate trustworthy people.

TIP: If you are referred to someone, be sure to address your cover letter to them personally and mention that you were referred to them.

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