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Centennial offers new programs

Capitalizing on its reputation as a diverse learning institution and a popular destination for international students, Centennial College has developed post-diploma programs in human resources management and International Business Management, available this fall for the first time.

The human resources management program will focus on emerging HR trends such as managing diversity and alternative dispute resolution, as well as new technology, pensions and benefits.

Extensive use of case studies, simulations and project-based learning will emphasize management skills, teamwork, report writing and presentation skills.

Graduates of the one-year program can expect to work as HR administrators, recruiters, trainers, compensation analysts and other types of specialists. Qualified students can earn the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

An increasingly globalized economy means lots of opportunities for graduates of Centennial's international business management program.

Curriculum focuses on small and medium-sized international entrepreneurship, trade and investment, global logistics and transportation and Internet-based technology.

The one-year program offers an internship opportunity in the third semester. Qualified students can earn credit toward the recognized Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. Possible careers include export/import co-ordinator, trade representative, operations supervisor and commercial bank officer.

These post-diploma programs are open to college and university graduates who want to return to school and acquire specialized, career-oriented skills quickly.

For more details about these practical and intensive post-diploma programs, visit the college Web site at or call 416-289-5325.


The final year of Conestoga College's three-year co-op program in mechanical engineering technology for robotics and automation is an intensive one, because at its centre is the design and creation of working, comprehensive projects that encapsulate the academic and co-op work experiences of the program's students.

The final program activity each year is a demonstration of these projects to college officials, industry representatives and co-op employers. It is an excellent forum for the students to showcase their skills and prove their readiness for professional employment. These students complete their program of studies at the end of August.

This year's event takes place on Wednesday, Aug. 13 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Woodworking Centre of Ontario, located at the College's Doon campus in Kitchener.

Three different automated-system projects will be on display. The first is a system to write and package CDs; the second assembles prefabricated yo-yo parts into a finished product, then packages and seals the product, and the third packages film, placing film into a casing, sealing the casing, then boxing and labeling it.

In some instances, these projects use an automated conveyor-type production system, in others a rotary-type system. More than 30 students will be involved.

They have worked on all aspects of their projects, from the idea phase through project proposals and costing, feasibility studies, design, installation and assembly, troubleshooting and complete documentation.

The mechanical engineering technology for robotics and automation program consists of six semesters of in-college study, plus three semesters of co-op work experience.

Emphasis is on combining theoretical knowledge with applied skills in automated industrial processes that use electronics, programmable logic controllers, computers, hydraulics and pneumatics.

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