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By Nick Candiotto
Toronto Sun

In Sept. 1998, triOS College of Information Technology became a private career college. The school's reputation was built on an understanding of the challenges of keeping up with the explosive growth of information technology (IT) in business and personal life. In September 2003, the school was renamed triOS College Business Technology Healthcare; however, the original focus is unchanged.
In addition to IT training and certification, trIOS College Business Technology Healthcare has also developed programs for those aspiring to be medical office assistants, paralegals, legal assistants and financial planners.

"Our business philosophy is very customer oriented," says president Stuart Bentley. "We support our students throughout their education cycle and beyond, working together to make them successful in their chosen career."

Recognized by Microsoft, SCO and Novell as a Canadian leader in the implementation of their software, triOS became a pioneer with the launch of their long-term technical certification programs and by becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

"Part of our program focus is on certification by vendor," Bentley says. "In many industries, that certification is the standard so we want our graduates to get more than just a diploma."

This focus extends beyond IT training and certification. In conjunction with the name change, the college has developed new programs to prepare graduates to enter the work place as medical office assistants, paralegals, legal assistants and financial planners.

"In all our programs, we provide outstanding training in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint," Bentley says. "These are core skills required in almost all work environments."

triOS augments this computer training with specialized curriculum designed and taught by experienced professionals.

"Our instructors need a certain level of training, but most importantly, they have to be certified in the area they are teaching. To that extent, instructors are constantly upgrading their certification to meet industry demands."
Microsoft, SCO and Novell recognizes triOS as a Canadian leader in the implementation of their software.

To meet the demands of their students, triOS' programs are offered in convenient half-day formats, evening sessions and weekend classes -- allowing students to retain a job during their education. Combined with instruction by professionals experienced in the legal, medical and financial markets, the triOS curriculum provides graduates with the necessary knowledge and experience for careers in these high growth job markets.

"What we're really doing is training students for a career," Bentley notes. "That is why we offer such outstanding job placement support and preparation."

triOS employs a team of employment services consultants to assist students in their career search. In addition to resume and interview preparation, career consultants organize job fairs and recruitment programs. Perhaps the greatest advantage to students is their 24 hour access to the extensive list of over 20,000 employers in the triOS database.

"Students can use the job search programs beyond graduation," Bentley adds. "Typically, triOS graduates are very settled and happy in their career after only 6 months to a year, so they don't make use of our extensive database after that."

For additional part-time program information, and to find the location nearest to you, call the college toll-free at 1-800-898-7467 or visit the Web site at

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