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Learning by doing is the Westervelt way

By Nick Candiotto
Toronto Sun

Westervelt College, Canada's oldest private career college, was founded in 1885. With more than 45,000 graduates, the school and faculty have earned the right to be proud of their rich history, but they refuse to live in the past.

"College graduates earn $5,000 to $7,000 more per year than high school graduates -- it's that simple," says president and owner Donna Doerr. "So we are determined to turn out the best graduates that we possibly can."

Westervelt embodies all the benefits of a private school education.

Students graduate in one year, allowing them to work and earn an income while other students continue to pay tuition and living expenses.

"We run 12 months of the year, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day," Doerr adds. "Employers love the work ethic our

program develops. They say Westervelt graduates hit the ground running."

The school's unique approach extends to the classroom experience. There are no large amphitheatre-style halls.

Each course is taught in a conventional classroom -- allowing Westervelt students to interact closely with their instructors.

"Classroom dynamics are so important to the success of each individual student," Doerr acknowledges. "With an average class size of 20 to 25 students, Westervelt offers individualized attention."

The college also offers flexible and frequent program starts. In addition to the traditional September start, Westervelt also starts all of their programs in February and some courses in May and November.

The college's financial services department has the ability to develop a financial package to suit each student's particular needs. Like many other post-secondary institutions, students may be eligible for financial assistance under the Canada Student Loan Program, the Ontario Student Loan Program, the Ontario Student Assistance Program or various other government funding such as Employment Insurance.

The emphasis at the college, as set out by president Doerr, is learning by doing. This emphasis is most evident in the hands-on instruction that has become a trademark of the college -- instruction fueled by an exceptional staff.

"Ou instructors have to be experts in their respective fields," Doerr says. "They have to have all the education, including all up-to-date certification, and a number of years experience in the field."

This hiring strategy has paid off for the college as Westervelt graduates have earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding the needs of their employers.

Westervelt College's four program areas (information technology, business, legal & criminal justice and service industries) are broken down into more than 18 diploma programs.

The variety is evident in a perusal of the course catalogue. Students can enrol in accounting, sales and marketing, hotel and restaurant management, interior decorating and travel, just to name a few. The college is also recognized as a Microsoft IT Academy, offering networking, internet graphic design and computer electronics.

The legal & criminal justice faculty also includes the police foundations -- a unique course because it also operates as a police academy.

"We are the premier training facility for police force in Ontario, "Doerr says. "The recruiters are knocking at our door waiting to hire our graduates."

For additional information or to book a private tour, simply call the school at 1-877-668-2001 or visit them on the web at

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