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At CDI, it's all in the family

By Nick Candiotto
Toronto Sun

A study in growth and expansion since 1969, CDI College has more than 100 years' combined experience in high-calibre, career-focused training. With more than 250,000 alumni and 46 campuses across the country, the college is the national career training leader in three core areas -- business, technology and health care.

The college merged with the IBS Group of Colleges in May 2003 to enhance the already highly successful CDI College.

The acquisitions of the Toronto School of Business, The Career College, Success CompuCollege and Delta College have strengthened both the business and information technology (IT) programs. The addition of these schools has helped CDI produce a diverse and invigorated group of highly skilled and well-qualified graduates.

Career Canada College was another welcome addition to CDI. With two one-of-a-kind programs, the echocardiography program and the orthopedic technologist program, the CDI College School of Health Care upholds a 28-year tradition of health-care pioneering.

The school's incredible size does not prevent individual attention. Some classes have as few as 18 students per instructor and flexible class schedules are designed to fit the demands of today's students. In fact, the college's timetable for graduation is also reflective of this flexibility -- ranging from six months to two years.

The courses themselves are based on two methods of instruction -- traditional lecture-based education and skill-focused, competency-based training.

Based on the modular learning model, lecture-based education teaches one subject at a time through daily four-hour sessions. Students complete one subject in its entirety before moving on.

The competency-based training is based on the college's mandate -- teaching students what they need to know to do the job. In fact, the fundamental skills, simply called job competencies, are defined by employers. The curriculum includes skills instruction that prepares CDI graduates for the reality of working life.

The practical, deadline-driven learning experience has earned the college an excellent reputation across Canada, with hundreds of employers hiring thousands of CDI graduates every year.

Instruction is not limited to career-oriented skills. CDI's programs also include modules designed to help students deal effectively with customers and colleagues in the work world. In addition, the employment services department assists in the search for a job through instruction in resume writing, interview preparation and cover and thank-you letter composition.

This commitment to excellence is actually in writing. In fact, CDI is the only national training college to receive ISO certification. Subject to an external annual audit, CDI must identify best practices in a number of areas including policy and customer service.

They must also provide quality products and follow their mandate of student success in order to retain their certification.

Students aren't treated like a number at CDI; in fact, some students liken the CDI approach to education as being part of a big family. The staff works with students to ensure individual goals are achieved and that graduates are trained for entry into a career that's right for them. It is this approach to fast, yet focused, career training that has enabled CDI College to place their graduates in solid positions year after year.

For more information about upcoming classes, call the school at 1-888-395-5048 or visit them on the web at

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