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Auto body apprentice gets a boost

By Nick Candiotto
Toronto Sun

Twenty-five-year-old Jaime Ansley approached the Alternative Youth Centre for Employment (AYCE) with a purpose -- she wanted an auto body apprenticeship.

"It's something I've wanted forever," Ansley says. "I used to work on cars with my Dad. That's where my love for the work started."

Fortunately for Ansley, AYCE had an apprenticeship plan.

"Our partnership with Centennial (College) and their apprenticeship program, was actually driven by the industry itself," says Edmund Bulaclac, job developer at AYCE. "They were having problems finding employees, so a committee was set up to help combat this shortage."

The first step for Ansley was to make a presentation to the local industry committee illustrating her level of interest in the apprenticeship program.

"It was nerve-racking," Ansley recalls. "They asked a lot of questions, including a number of questions about my future, but I think my interest in the industry came through."

The committee agreed. In fact, Jaime Ansley was the only successful female candidate. Now she just needed a job.

Enter Bulaclac.

The job developer set up an interview with Ken's Auto Body -- and the results were very positive.

"He liked Jamie right away," Bulaclac remembers. "I could tell this was going to be a positive experience for both parties."

As it turned out, Bulaclac's prediction was very accurate.

"Jaime has been a great addition to our staff," says Ken Jaggernauth, owner. "She is a very determined person. Just watching the way she works, you can tell she is made to do this."

Jaggernauth has plenty of opportunity to see her in action. In addition to three-hour classes on Tuesday and Thursday, Ansely works at the shop every day, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's great. I love doing the work, but I want to do more," Ansley says. "I know it's just a matter of time."

For more information about AYCE, visit them on the Web at or call 416-491-7000. To identify your neighbourhood youth employment centre for hiring made easy at no cost to you, visit

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