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Loyalist college: Small college, big opportunities

By Aunie Edwards
Special to The Toronto Sun

For those looking for a career in law enforcement, everything from police officers to airport customs inspectors to animal control officers, the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College offers a unique option -- one that provides students with specific job skills to succeed in today's competitive workforce.

"We've been in the business 20 years, and we've earned our stripes," says director Roberto Hausman.

"We run an intensive program with military-style training that exposes recruits to aspects of police life they'll face later on."
Loyalist College of Applied Arts has responded to the provincial introduction of applied degrees by offering a bachelor of applied arts in human services management. (Photo, Loyalist College)

Designed to accomodate students who are seriously considering a career in police and law enforcement, the department of police foundations was initiated in response to the anticipated demand for police and law enforcement officers across the province. Since then, thousands of students have completed the school's training courses, receiving superb classroom instruction in a relaxed environment.

While top quality training is the school's main concern, Canadian Law Enforcement Training College also provides graduates of the police foundations program with job search assistance -- the school's other goal is to help graduates build a career. As the only private training organization approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labour and the appropriate legal agencies to offer police foundations training in the city of Toronto, the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College is required to meet very high and demanding standards.

"I have enormous respect for law and order," Hausman says. "Because of that, I have respect for their level of education. It's our duty (at the college) to adhere to the highest standards."

The school's high standards are consistently updated through their affiliation with the International Foundation for Protection Officers, the Ontario Association of Police Educators, the Ontario Chiefs of Police Association and the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers.

The relationship with these key groups keeps the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College up-to-date both professionally and ethically. In fact, students follow a number of guidelines those in the workforce must follow.

"They don't dare show up in white socks because I'd send them home," says Hausman, whose students wear uniforms throughout their studies. "The standards are good practice for their future profession."

Unlike two-year programs offered at a number of public colleges, the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College's department of police foundations offers 1,260 hours of training over a 10-month, 42-week course that runs Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

"In Toronto at any given time we have four classes going and two in Mississauga. Every two months we start a new group," Hausman adds. "We keep classes small, so we offer a lot of personal attention."

That attention certainly has paid off. The program's graduation rate is 83.3% and the school's placement rate within 12 weeks of graduation is 94.7%.

The success of the students may be attributed to the school's application process. There is a nine-step process for admission into the college's program -- including a pre-admission test that follows the guidelines of the Police Learning System Advisory Board.

The test, which includes math, English, psychology, physical fitness, reasoning and logical thinking, memory retention and personality profile, must be successfully completed before applicants are considered for admission.

"If they pass the process, we want them," Hausman notes.

Or those who are serious about a challenging and rewarding career in the police and law enforcement field, visit the college's website at or contact the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College at 416-480-1545 or toll-free at 1-866-576-5423.

(Aunie Edwards ( is a Guelph-based freelance writer.)

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