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By Diane Janes
Career Connection Editor

Listen up all you gals out there. If you're in the market for a job, a newly launched website -- -- is a unique and resourceful Internet career management site for professional women in the GTA.

With a keen interest in the advancement of working women, is an employment website delivering premier employment services for companies who value diversity in the workplace and who seek professional women to meet their HR diversity goals.
Linda Leatherdale

While focuses on the advancement of women, the company also values equal opportunities for all qualified candidates.

One of the first to take advantage of the site was Bosley Real Estate Ltd. "We posted a real estate administrator position and we were thrilled with the calibre of the applicants who submitted their resumes. We short-listed and hired within days," said v-p Keith Tarswell. "We will continue to use the website and heartily endorse it."

The website has been online since November 2003, and already more than 1,000 users have registered.

The driving force behind the website is Moroccan-born Canadian entrepreneur Samira Belmekki, who came to Canada 14 years ago.

Belmekki, whose native language is Arabic, went through all of her schooling in French and was the first woman in her family to attend university. She arrived in Toronto not knowing a word of English but with a burning desire to learn.

She took a number of business courses and entered the corporate world where she took a series of jobs in both the private and public sectors in search of "something worthwhile and fulfilling," which ultimately resulted in the launch of this website.

Through her own experience at Microcell Connexions, Fax Products Support Group and the Ontario government, Belmekki saw the need for a niche job bank to support both jobseekers and employers in the GTA.

"I want For Her Success to be a useful career community for women, to help them find new jobs as needed, get information on how to do that and be inspired to love what they do, do what they love," Belmekki says.

The website is more than a job bank for women: it is an online employment community with a wide variety of informative articles for both women and their employers. Sections with such titles as "Making It," "Inner Success," and "Hot Flashes" give valuable tips and insights.
Samira Belmekki
The force behind

"I want anyone who logs on to be able to read what keeps women excited about their jobs, how to motivate them and to keep them enthused," Belmekki says. "You can also log on and browse networking and educational events in the GTA."

For more information, visit

Where the jobs are

Dust off your resume and firm up your handshake, the National Job Fair is heading into town. If you are looking for a new job, if you are ready for a career change, if you want to learn about future job trends or if you want to know more about job-search techniques, visit The National Job Fair and Training Expo on April 14 and 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Next week's Career Connection will have all the tips, advice and information you will need to get the most out of the event.

While you're there, make time for the Toronto Sun's money maven, Linda Leatherdale. She will be speaking at the Central Stage at the job fair on Wednesday April 14 at 2.30 p.m.

Leatherdale's topic is Where The Jobs Are. While we are seeing growth in the job market, this increase may be in the lower income range. She will be looking at the whole global picture and examining sector to sector where the jobs are.

Linda Leatherdale, award-winning financial editor and columnist for the Toronto Sun, is a regular commentator on business, political and personal finance issues.

A believer in advocacy journalism, she has led highly-charged campaigns on the GST, the high cost of credit cards and bank services changes, government fiscal policy, and writes regularly on taxation as well as real estate, consumer and small business isues.

Leatherdale also stages popular award-winning seminars on retirement planning and real estate, and has made appearances on television and radio. She also hosts her own live, phone-in TV show, Moneyline.

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