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By Daniel Levesque and Maud Allard
Event Organizers

It's time to move on! The National Job Fair and Training Expo presents its biggest edition ever today and tomorrow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

We invite the population from the Greater Toronto Area to take advantage of the various components of one of the largest job and career fairs in Canada. And it's right here in Toronto!

Our fourth edition welcomes 104 multi-sector companies, increasing the size of our event by 34 per cent from its previous edition. This definitely establishes The National Job Fair and Training Expo as a leader in events of this kind in Ontario and as a key player in the Canadian job market.

Our event has undergone a constant progression since its inception.

Our role is to facilitate your job search by creating an environment that recognizes and explores all facets of the job-search process.

We are linking employers, training and education facilities, employment services and candidates together to create a unique synergy in the job market.

Companies cannot hire you if they don't know you exist. Very rarely do dream jobs just come knocking on your door. By attending, you will discover that our event is a place of opportunities.

We encourage you to join our attendees today and tomorrow to meet with organizations that are anxious to facilitate your job-search process.

Today, networking is a vital strategy in many aspects of life. It is particularly important in the job market. That is why we encourage you to explore what The National Job Fair and Training Expo has to offer.

By hiring attendees, by offering you employment services and by furthering your education and training, our exhibitors are playing a key role in your life.

This Toronto Sun Show Guide and our completely revamped website at will help you learn more about our exhibitors and prepare you to get the most out of your visit.

The National Job Fair and Training Expo features three main pavilions: the Employment Pavilion, the Training & Education Pavilion and the Employment Services Pavilion. While the Employment Pavilion is still the event's biggest area, each pavilion has increased in size. The Employment Pavilion alone has increased by 41 per cent. This means more job offers for you.

Not to be missed this edition are 18 scheduled public presentations from exhibitors over the two-day event. These showcases will allow job seekers to learn how to improve their prospects in the job market and explore career avenues they may not have considered.

We take this opportunity to thank our two major sponsors -- the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and The Toronto Sun --who are once again supporting us. Thanks also go out to our other partners. Through their collaboration, we believe The National Job Fair and Training Expo will satisfy the highest expectations.

As The National Job Fair and Training Expo aims to become best partners with the GTA workforce, we are counting heavily on a long-term relationship with the community.

This relationship will allow us to target the needs of recruiters and candidates, while offering them the many benefits of participating in the best job fair, The National Job Fair and Training Expo. We are sure this event will have far-reaching, positive effects on the GTA and Ontario's human resources and economic development.

Our team of dedicated people wishes you all success!

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