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Get in on the synergy

Synergy is key at The National Job Fair and Training Expo. By attending, you will have access to more than 3,000 jobs, not to mention training, education and career services opportunities from more than 100 exhibitors.

Where else would you have access to such a gathering of people ready to help you with your career? Synergy: Benefit from it.

A wide variety of positions, English and bilingual, temporary and permanent, full-time and part-time, are available on-site in many different industries. Come and see for yourself!

Talking directly to the right people is always the most effective way to go in the job-search and career-development processes. Nothing can replace face-to-face contact with recruiters and employment-services specialists. Speak to them directly to learn about their current and future recruitment needs.

A world of opportunities

Take a trip downtown to see what The National Job Fair and Training Expo is all about. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a place of opportunity, if you keep your eyes open.

How else will you know if there is a better opportunity, better job, or a different career out there for you, if you haven't considered all your options?

The National Job Fair and Training Expo is the option to consider when you are looking for work or for a change in career.

It is important for people searching the job market to keep in mind that they have to take the initiative to find the next opportunity/company at which they would like to work. Companies cannot hire you if they don't know you exist.Very rarely do dream jobs just come knocking on your door.

What The National Job Fair and Training Expo does is hand you recruiters on a silver platter: The fair sets up everything to facilitate your job search.

It provides the synergy.

Then it's up to you to discover the opportunities.

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